the final moments..

sanjay: the name signifies it all, the narrator of the Mahabharat war, the only one who heard Geeta, besides Arjuna and an epitome for humans. the name just came to mind as a reference with the above stories. besides him, it could be any one of us in the below story. 

sanjay was bed ridden, had a heart attack and was put in the ICU due to the condition he was in. the scene was horrible for a few, who knew him from his childhood. as an athlete, he had never caught any diseases, atleast to be cold and flu.

the life tests patience and this was growing up on him. the tensions of job and family life grew upon his mind and that took a toll upon his body. some might have thought that this guy would atleast reach a century due to his habits, but time as we know, never keeps things in foreground.

big paychecks and good social life was all that he wanted and was kept awaiting. and now when he was retiring – time came in to disperse the scene. he was all the time alone, be it his work or be it his family life. there was nobody there with whom he could share his feeling except his master. and that thoughts were being concentrated upon his mind.

the saline was running to his veins, and the heart beats were being measured every sec, but what mattered most in this life was his question? what in the life i have done to take it into my accounts after death? what is it that i would be carrying after i breath my last? thoughts like and many other kept on coming to his mind.

thoughts of samartha came to his mind, wife would follow till the door, children and relatives  to the pyre and then?

suddenly there was an ache in the heart and the condition started detiriorating again. it was about 2 am in the night and there was nobody near his room in the hospital. he tried to speak, to yell, to ask for help, but was muted as the ventilator was covering his nose and mouth. all in vain!

suddenly he realised that the time had come. his master appeared before him in the form of light.

“pray, my child!”  the master said.

he thought all this was in his thoughts, his imaginations – which kept on coming to mind from the day one of his admission to the hospital.

“pray, my child!”  the master said again.

now he tried to concentrate with more eyes open. yes, it was his master, who had passed away before a few years.

how can he be here, he thought. he tried to raise up in the bed, to bow to the master, all in vain, there was absolutely no energy in the body.

the master’s image grew more concentrated and more images kept on arising – those who were the master’s of the master kept on arriving. there were about eight person in the room now – seven masters and Sanjay.

all kept on asking to him,

” pray son, pray. this is your last chance to get out of this chain of borths and rebirths.  pray sanjay pray!”

he started praying at once, and the sounds started increasing as the master’s also sung the names of god with sanjay.

at one second, he felt a pain, so much in the chest, he could hardly sustain, but the mantras he was reciting was kept on going non stop.

the pain continued to increase, he however had fully concentrated on the voice of his inner self. he was not going to stop, he thought.

he had stopped concentrating on the beeps of the heart beat counter and the ventilator. the beeps had gone down and the rate was coming down. the breathing was going down too. there was sweating on his forehead, which he thought somebody would wipe out, but there was nobody near in the room.

at a moment, unknown to him, the beeps stopped, the ventilator support wasn’t required and the pain had increased on a multiple scale. it was asif multiplied a thousand times on that moment.

sanjay beared that pain for that moment and suddenly felt very light in weight – as if weight less, and was able to move from his bed without any support, there was no ventilator required.

the beep grew continuous. suddenly someone in the hospital came in and found his pulse gone. his family was called  upon. sorrow seemed to be caught up upon by everybody who knew him for a long time. as he was so popular in many circles.

in the other frame, the released sanjay, now was being congratulated by his masters and he was able to bow to them and hug them – even though the oldest ones weren’t present even at his birth time. some were from a few centuries back! 

the masters kept on disappearing into light and suddenly he was also absorbed in the same bright light!

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  1. Namaste Shekhar sir,

    I have read all five books of Swami jagaanath kuneji. I like all books. Swami jaganath kunteji is God for me. Please tell me where is Swamiji now? I want to meet them. Please Please Please i am requesting you shekhar sir please tell me adress of Swamiji. I am wating for your answer .I am sure that you will help me .
    Thank ,
    from Sarika

    1. shekharonline says:

      see any of the comments on this post.

    2. shekharonline says:

      Call # Mr. Chunekar’s residence (020 – 2545 6293) /// get the whereabout abt Mr. Kunte from Cell :- 9890956695 .


  2. Mrs. Manisha Madhekar says:

    Mi aajach Narmade Hare vachun purna kel. Mala swamijina bhetaychi iccha aahe.
    Pls. margdarshan kara.

    1. shekharonline says:

      Call # Mr. Chunekar’s residence (020 – 2545 6293) /// get the whereabout abt Shree Jagannath Kunte from Cell :- 9890956695 .

  3. smita says:

    Masta ahe.

  4. avadhut says:

    Nice one good one the prayers is practice for life time to come to help at the end of ones life

    1. shekharonline says:

      there are certain things that remind me of our school prayer always. its a gem of a song.

      itni shakti hame dena data, mann ka vishwas kamjor ho na,
      ham chale nek raste pe humse, bhool kar bhi koi bhool ho na.
      dur agyaan ke ho andhere tu hame gyaan ki roshni de,
      har burai se bach ke rahe hum, jitni bhi de bhali zindagi de..

  5. Sekar Viswanathan says:

    where can i get the book Narmade Har Har written by Swami Jagannath Kunte, please let me know I wish to read the same.

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