Shanghai movie review


Shanghai Poster

Shanghai Poster

Shanghai ~ the name just based on the thought process that todays leaders in India – just want to replicate the success of Shanghai in their elected area. Nobody seems to mind about the consequences of the progress from nothing to everything and of people’s unity with their soil. A political satire in its own way, Shanghai depicts the problems the leaders face while trying to progress against some NGO’s and the NGO’s view from the background.

IBP ~ India Bana Pardes! the name of the party that promotes itself into making India a foreign land. The people once were so attracted towards the development of the West ~ the politicians thought of making one in here itself ~ in a symbolic place called Bharat Nagar. The slums are being moved out of the city by 50 kms and in comes Mr. Ahmedi ~ played by Prasonajeet who takes the cause of opposing the plans of the development of Bharat Nagar.

He is brutally killed in front of everybody ~ his followers on one side and his opponents on the other. How a student of his – Shalini Sahay – played by Kalki, a video shooter and a photographer Joginder Parmar ~ Emraan Hashmi and the government official ~ T. A. Krishnan ~ Abhay Deol (with a Tamilian accent!)  go to the base of the plot to kill Ahmedi – form the narrative of Shanghai.

The story is based on the novel ~ comes with the opening credits ~ is so relevant today, it fails to beat the impact of time.

Dibakar Banerjee just ROCKS man! This is the second movie of his that i saw and liked. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was brilliant piece of work too. His choices of actors has been also good. Abhay Deol never looked same in both of his movies and well different thena ZNMD too. Emraan Hashmi ~ though might have been cast a year ago ~ proves his worth with this role. Kalki has a small role. Prosanajit well adds intensity of Dr. Ahmedi to this film. Farooq Sheikh, Chinmay Mandalekar and Anant Jog have some important parts of the film.

Music is from Vishal and Shekhar, but we hardly have one song playing in the mind when we leave ~ Bharat Mata ki Jai.

The climax unfolds how brains of an intelligent guy can save many and destroy many! Whereas in the end we still see the picture we saw about 10-12 years ago. Just a word of thought.

A nice and thoughtful watch with the pleasure of a good filmmaking from an old narrative which totally fits in our present.


Ra.One Movie Review

Well, well, well. This movie could have been better. As Hollywood movies come and go by – year on year in Indian market, releasing sometimes, before or with the International release dates, pulling crowds.

So expectations are huge, about the concepts and overall material which would be showed in the theaters. As we have already have had the feast of eyes with Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings – it was a tough task for the Ra.One team.

Lets shoot of at the story first.

Shekhar Subramaniyam is an employee at the company developing software games. We do not know what he actually does – work at – graphics or programming or networking – it’s never shown. His kid Pratik doesn’t like his good doing, down to earth persona. Shekhar is married to Kareena – who is doing a thesis on abusive words in the Indian languages. OMG. Aren’t there much choices left these days? So, one day, the kid asks his dad to program in such a way that the villian of the video game is always powerful than the good part of the video game. so the team who are advised that they will be sent back home or will work as waiters, suddenly develop a program and the owner releases it.

In comes the villian, Ra.One – symbolic of Raavan who has been loaded with the devil like qualities of 10 persons from History. The AI thing in the program realises its strength and comes into real world, when it looses to Pratik in first two rounds of the game and asks him to complete it or it will comeinto “real” world from the program.

Shekhar and Jackie Chan (the character is always referred to as rather than his real character name :() is killed and Ra.One comes into reality.

The good part of the program is then brought into real world by the kid, which again is portrayed by SRK as G.One (the Good One) !!!

Rest of the film then checks out how Pratik and G.One fight Ra.One for the good of this world.

The music is not so worthy and takes the pace off the film.

SRK must have thought of some good director for this kind of film as the film lacks that ~ something special kind of feeling.

Kareena is just there for a few scenes.  The kid acts good but the main character of this film as always revolves around SRK.

The film pays tribute to Robot (Chitti), Khalnayak and other notable films of the past.  Having seen Ironman and Tron : Legacy, it was kind of mixture for me.

News is that the 3D version hasn’t yet arrived.

Delhi Belly – Movie Review


Delhi Belly Poster

Delhi Belly Poster

this  is a fun film – filled too much  adult cadre jokes. the music of the film has already created waves, and yes, the film matches the expectations it raised due to the excitement its music created.  yesterday’s night show was full to an extent – mostly with young guys!

the plot goes like this – three guys stay at an old place in Delhi, one is a reporter – Tashi, another one a Cartoonist – Arup (Vir Das) and the funniest and clever one is a Photographer – Nitin . Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapur) has a habit of eating roadside food and which creates the problem of Delhi Belly – yeah it’s the name of an illness. Tashi’s (Imran) GF has a bag to handover, unknown to all three chaps and this gal – that it has diamonds of about 2 Crores (200 Million Rs.) except the smugglers and the mailing agent – gets replaced with the bag of shit samples and thats how shit happens.

Direction of this movie is better than Game – another movie by Abhinay Deo. The dialogues in hindi are good, but according to bro, watching English version was more fun. Music is awesome.  The 2 songs of all are only pictured as a part , rest all act with Background score.

Acting of all guys is rock solid. Vir Das could have more scenes- after all he’s such a brilliant stand up comedian. Imran is cool, Kunal could get good offers, he’s lot to offer. Shenaz and Poorna have less to do. Vijay Raaz suits in his role.

With the first three sol(i)d opening days, we guys thought the movie budget might have been already recovered :).

I am in love with the Tere Siva song.. its picturised so nicely – in different sequences – you are certainly bound to hear it again and again. Ram Sampath – Rocks!

Overall a nice watch (for guys)! man, you can’t just go to the cinema hall with your family for this one!


from start to the end, hereafter is a gripping tale.

Hereafter poster


the narrative starts with the previous tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and two lovers at the beach for fun. the waves comes up when the heroine is doing some shopping, the waves taking her with them. (cecile d’ france, the beautiful actress)

a psychic, played by Matt Damon, is able to connect with the ones passed away. unable to bear with the stress of coping with others past lives, he decides to give it up away, even if he is successful in earning a lot of money with that power. worst part of it, is that he thinks of it as a curse. joins a factory to get his mind off, a cooking class. but his powers never leave him!

a pair of twins – in the UK, are living with their mother, who is a drug addict. to save her from being taken for removal of drug addiction, they try to get her medicines, which would help her to move away from the habit. in an accident one of the twins, Jason, dies in an accident. Markus,  survives to witness the tube rail incident in UK.

the rest of the story is how they connect with each other.

 the story is gripping, however, looses pace in between.

about a third of the movie is in french.

directed by clint eastwood and produced by steven spielberg, this is a good watch

the fate of the movie was strange. when it was being released in japan, the nation was struck by tsunami.

Rajneeti : It rules !

Politics has been given importance from long times ago. The great Indian epics Ramayan and Mahabharat are based on the same. While Ramayana centers more around the promises kept by the great Lord Rama, Mahabharat shows how the world changed after a single war.

Raavan is due this week, directed by the famous Mani Ratnam (love his Dil Se), Prakash Jha (after giving superb movies like Gangajal, Apaharan, etc) tries his hand at direction exploring the stories from Mahabharat and picture them current scene of Indian politics.

Rajneeti has all shades from black and white and definitely they all turn grey for the fiery habit of “power”. There are many types of people shown in this movie : one who are honest and poor (the driver of the party leader), the academician (Ranbir) and the Rich (Katrina) parallel to them runs another narrative of Indian politics of the people who are always ready to get into power at any cost.

The movie starts with the love of the young girl of the CM who is also a comrade and likes the leader of that party. Their relationship crosses its limits and in comes the birth of Ajay’s character. The newborn is left behind to save the face of CM and his daughter. The kid is left by Nana, who portrays a character on the lines of Shree Krishna (BrijGopal ji) which is taken away by the honest car driver of another party’s leader.

After the starting credits are shown, the kid grows up to be Suraj (Ajay Devgn) in the lower levels of the society aiming to be at higher pedestal in life. The battle that goes on afterwards includes the fight between two cousins (Manoj Bajpayee and Arjun Rampal), while Ajay Devgn’s character has no takers for his entry into politics (part of Karna, who later gets Duryodhan’s support) Manoj comes to his rescue.

Ranbir has aimed at his PhD but Arjun being aspirant for the top post in state politics, he is caught in the net while many incidents occur one after the other.

The film’s end is typical Hindi film end (not like Mahbharat) but the pace at which is goes on is impressive. You just cannot take an eye off just for the sake of missing something. The director has too much to tell and too less time!!

Ajay and Nana are back in the camp to where they belonged. Arjun gets ample scope, Katrina enters into politics too late and so gets less time on the main story. The one who has got the various shades to act is Ranbir and he stands up tall in between all. Nasruddin Shah has pretty less time, just comes and goes.

Overall, this movie has its moments to remember (as a presenter of uncensored version of politics inside circles) making it a must watch.