The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

the dark knight rises poster

the dark knight rises poster


well, Christopher Nolan, is a great story-teller and a superb director, one must say – after watching the Batman trilogy.

It’s already 8 years passed since Batman had disappeared from public appearances and so has Bruce Wayne. Wayne has invested his amount @ Wayne enterprises in a nuclear science project ~ which has crumbled and the profits are going down year after year. Bane ~ a ruthless criminal meanwhile flees from a CIA aeroplane while capturing a nuclear scientist – who was on the development project.

Bane (Tom Hardy) attacks the stock market in Gotham and gets his numbers of shares in market to a very low price. Batman comes back while looking to attack Bane and Police instead of tracing Bane try to lock out Batman instead. Batman escapes with a newly developed vehicle – The Bat.

Wayne decides to leave the company in the hands of Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) for the safety of the project – which is in an inactive state at a base below the river flowing through the city of Gotham and attack Bane with the help of Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) – whom he has caught stealing his mother’s necklace @ Wayne manor once.

Insteading of being able to beat Bane, Batman himself gets attacked and injured in the hands of Bane and comes to know that he is the one who has come to attack Batman from the League of Shadows after Ra’s al ghul’s death.  Bane breaks Batman’s back and gets him locked in a prison ~ just like a big well and can be escaped with just a rope. Only one child has been able to escape from the prison and that one child is believed to be Bane.

Bane then takes the control over the city and plans to blast off the nuclear material within  a few hours. How Batman reaches Gotham and will he be able to save the city or not? forms the rest of the story.

The actors are superb, the story – edgy and the direction – from Christopher Nolan is legendary.  The climax is interesting and makes viewers think of the brilliance – the Nolan brothers have put into the series.

Bane might not be the Joker, but is able to create the fear in terms of the viewers to an extent.

Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are new additions to the series.

Impressive and a must watch movie.



Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Movie Review

Mission impossible Ghost Protocol Poster
Mission impossible Ghost Protocol Poster
MI 3 was long way back, then came in the alpha male movies – The Bourne Ultimatum (Matt Damon) and the new Bond flicks, with James Bond played by Daniel Craig. But Tom Cruise is back with a bang with MI 4!!
It can’t get better than this…. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt an IMF agent, who is rescued from Russian prison for the crime he committed while people thought his wife was murdered. Another agent Jane (played by Paula Patton) has her lover – Trevor (Josh Holloway) – involved in an attempt to recover the codes used to activate the nuclear missiles of Russia. Trevor is killed by an assassin who tries to sell the codes to Cobalt in Dubai. She rescues Ethan in a bid to get these codes – from Cobalt – a nuclear scientist (Michael N.) also known by the world as Kurt Hendriks.
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Banner Poster

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Banner Poster

Ethan is asked to meet the secretary as the IMF has been disavowed and the secretary gives Ethan the mission to track Cobalt down – but these guys are suddenly attacked by a team of Russians, killing the secretary, leaving an analyst – Brandt (Jeremy Renner) left with him. Now the mission Ethan has – to track Cobalt down and is assisted by the team of three – Brandt, Benji and Jane – with no official help on hand.
The story has been well written and developed on screen.
You suddenly feel that you have globetrotted after you have seen this movie, as countries and people change after a few sequences. Germany, Russia, Dubai, India are the prominent places.
The stunts @ Burj Khalifa and in general – all – those from Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner and the starting sequence of Trevor are awesome!!!! You just have your adrenaline pumping after you have seen this kind of stuff.
The natural calamities – sandstorm in Dubai and the blasts have been used with their greatest effect to gather that grip on the audience.
The scenes in India – have been showed to be in Mumbai – whereas it seems that the palace is somewhere in Rajasthan and the other sequences are with in Hyderabad (most of the scenes featuring Telugu Language) or Bangalore (the IT hub of the country).
Anil Kapoor is on the reels for just a few minutes as Brij Nath (an Indian businessman) having satellites useful for the launch of the Russian Missiles.
The film is so well done that the suspence between the two characters in IMF (Brandt & Ethan) is continued till the end – for a nail-biting finish.
Bard Bird must be applauded for this effort.
Jeremy Renner is the new Bourne and I must admit it that it would be fun watching him!
Rating : I must admit its 10/10!!!

The Dark Knight – Film Review

The Dark Knight poster

The Dark Knight poster

Batman and Joker – different sides of the same coin as Joker puts it. Gem of a movie. Have watched it many times now and so decided to write it down.


Joker is a no-man. He robs the banks, terrorizes Gotham city and wants to pull the mask over Batman’s face and wants to get into a fight with him personally. He thinks that rules are not their for living and wants to do things which are well planned by him, but wants batmans to come ahead of him without him and being sicker than him.

Bruce Wayne/ Batman is losing his girlfriend Rachel to Harvey Dent, who is recently handling the city as a district attorney on one hand and tries to put some optimism in people by facing Joker. He puts himself in the line of fire by accepting himself as Batman during a press conference and this enrages Joker.  Joker chases cop vans and Batman gets cops to catch Joker.  

Joker plans something different the next time, but puzzling Batman to either save Rachel or Harvey. Both are lost in different ways and the film speedily races to the climax. The optimists turn dark so fast, Joker is successful in converting Batman’s ally into his.

Direction was superb, acting from the 5 leads is superb. Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce), Heath Ledger (Joker), Aaron Eckhart (Dent), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Rachel) and Gary Oldman(Police commissioner)

Movies like these need special effects to be too good, and this film excels in it.

Overall, Nolan delivers a masterpiece.

Last Sunday – The Other Guys and Nacho Libre

Saw 2 movies 🙂

The Other Guys poster
The Other Guys poster

The Other Guys came in @ 12 pm this sunday. was a cool movie about everyday cops. two Rocking Cops – the Rock (Dwayne Johnson ) and Samuel Jackson are the Cool dudes of the city who literally destroy millions worth of things for catching thieves who robbed somebody or the banks of a few thousand dollars. One day they call their shot, when they learn that the robbers of a jewellery store are pros. Everybody else of the department comes to fill in the void and that fight starts at the funeral of these two rocking cops. In come the Other guys (Walhberg and Ferrell). One is hot-headed and the other one is so cool ~ that he never minds hearing bad words for him. Mostly from his partner. He gets a chance to get into the cop picture while he pursues a guy who might lead them to the robbery case. and rest all is how they make sure that the culprits are punished.

The story and dialogues were good. Overall a nice watch on a sunday afternoon.
The other was : Nacho Libre.
A monk likes wrestling and doing shit stuff. Gets a partner. and helps to run an orphanage, which has a beautiful nun ~ on whom he has secretly developed a liking. Funny premise, and good entertainment.  The color shades of this movie are too far different from those bright ones we say in the  movies. Just a don’t mind kind of thing.  Jack Black is so funny in this pic.

Ra.One – random thoughts

SRK brings in the Super Hero theme back to the movies. Its was Hanuman of the Ramayan, Shaktimaan by Mukesh Khanna and Captain Vyom played by Milind Soman while we were children and then on many have appeared in movies. From Hollywood.

Krissh introduced a superhero while it was basically a sequel to Koi mil gaya, which it self was based on many alien movies which came out from Hollywood decade(s) ago.

Now in the current scenario, Hollywood is into the reboot of the Superman series (Nolan will be turning one of the producers), the end of the Batman trilogy and X Men prequel came in recently so a few more parts will follow. There is another reboot of Spiderman series, which will come next year. Then we have had Captain America and Thor this year who will join with the Hulk and Iron man in the Avengers (part1) ~ a teaser has just come out. Three parts are expected of this Avengers movie franchise. Not to miss the James Bond (>20 movies) and Sherlock Holmes (The Game of Shadows comes ). Not to forget The Green Hornet and the Green Lantern. there can be many more additions.

Update:  I forgot to mention the three most successful novel to movie conversions. JRR Tolkein’s LOTR Trilogy and Harry Potter series from JKR and The twilight series.

Leaving the classic epics, we have hardly had anything based on super natural stories. We had chandoba/ chandamama, chacha chowdhary and other stuff. but nothing based on the literature came up. Amitabh had done a movie ~ Toofaan (?) and Alibaba and 40 thieves is another one..

So its like the flow goes the other way round this time, as site itself has some comic strips to showcase the characters in the movie.  

Other point is that we have hollywood movies backend work being done here. Avatar team had technicians working from Mumbai. but we hardly have any movies which utilize their skills. Or we don’t have scripts?

Or we don’t like sequels or multipart movies? There may be another sequel to this film as the news suggest. well i got a the slice of the plot @ IMDB.

The Hangover part 2- Movie review

from a series of drafts pending to be published.


Hangover Part 2 Poster

Hangover Part 2 Poster

Stu (Dr. Stuart Price) decides to marry in Thailand and all the 3 guys meet and with Alan also joining the “wolf-pack”. Things turn around when the “to-be” brother-in-law of Stu goes missing after they had a talk at the beach the previous night.

This movie was funny, but far less than the original part.

The leads – Ed Helms, Cooper and Zach must have become good friends in the meanwhile, Justin Bartha, like in the original, plays the good guy in this one too.  The background music was good in part1, not in this one. 

Overall, this movie is just like a photocopy of the original one, but becomes boring as the fun moments never look original like the first part.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 2 (Harry Potter 7 – part 2) – a must watch for HP fans!

Harry Potter 7-2 poster

Harry Potter 7-2 poster

Harry Potter series has come to an end. And in such a great fashion. It all started when we (the Muggles) as college students were after the Hobbits of JRR in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. One fever ended after 3 parts and the other continued till this 8th and the last part. Note that the prequel of LTR series is in the making, and yes, Hobbit would arrive may be next year. Till then we have Batman (The Dark Knight rises) and Spiderman (reboot) series coming up.

As all of you would already know, this story is coming to an end and Voldemort (you know who must not be named) has finally  decided to take on Hogwarts when he finds out Harry is hiding there. And the final battle at Hogwarts, good versus the evil.

Acting of the lead pairs is phenomenal. We have aged with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. More than a decade has passed after the first film arrived. These 3 as  kids were so cute.  J K Rowling’s stories are all time hit and she has given us the memories to be kept for our lifetime.

The other actors – Tom Felton, Helen Bonham Carter, Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman too have done justice to their roles.

 The Background score is what you keep on play while you memorize the events.

We saw the movie in 3D and yes, it was a pleasure to watch.

And as Harry says it to Voldemort, after he asks : What is this life worth living for? – To die for the ones you love. (which James and Lily did for him – these characters come alive on-screen for this last part and yes Dumbledore arrives for a few scenes too)

May be JKR and WB(Warner Brothers) should keep Harry Potter weeks in the coming years to cash back on the popularity of the series.

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