talaash : movie review

talaash movie poster

talaash movie poster

i knew the story of talaash before viewing it in theatres. but what a movie. and like aamir said, those who have known the story and have read the secret still found it interesting. how true!

i loved the movie due to the intensity aamir portrays his character and the bloody truth of being human ~ having to face something ~ which we aren’t fully responsible for. he tries to take a nap on a sunday afternoon while going to a nearby park, where his character’s only child dies in a mishap.

responsibility is a double edged sword and so shekhawat’s character feels it all along that he was responsible for his child’s death, spoiling his relationship with his lovely wife. only when she has found a neighbour who can talk with the departed ones, she realises that they have been osing out on time. inspector shekhawat is on another mission, of deaths related to a superstar and the talaash (search) for the background of this untimely and illogical death of a well known character in bollywood.

suddenly, rosy comes in and the search takes turns and twists. kidnapping and other motives are sprayed on the canvas.

i loved the pace of the film and the music has been going on through my ears for last 2 months or so.
jee le zara, muskaanein jhooti hain are my favorites and jiye laage na – most heard song of the album.

aamir, raani and kareena have done a good work

overall this movie is definitely worth watching!


The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

the dark knight rises poster

the dark knight rises poster


well, Christopher Nolan, is a great story-teller and a superb director, one must say – after watching the Batman trilogy.

It’s already 8 years passed since Batman had disappeared from public appearances and so has Bruce Wayne. Wayne has invested his amount @ Wayne enterprises in a nuclear science project ~ which has crumbled and the profits are going down year after year. Bane ~ a ruthless criminal meanwhile flees from a CIA aeroplane while capturing a nuclear scientist – who was on the development project.

Bane (Tom Hardy) attacks the stock market in Gotham and gets his numbers of shares in market to a very low price. Batman comes back while looking to attack Bane and Police instead of tracing Bane try to lock out Batman instead. Batman escapes with a newly developed vehicle – The Bat.

Wayne decides to leave the company in the hands of Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) for the safety of the project – which is in an inactive state at a base below the river flowing through the city of Gotham and attack Bane with the help of Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) – whom he has caught stealing his mother’s necklace @ Wayne manor once.

Insteading of being able to beat Bane, Batman himself gets attacked and injured in the hands of Bane and comes to know that he is the one who has come to attack Batman from the League of Shadows after Ra’s al ghul’s death.  Bane breaks Batman’s back and gets him locked in a prison ~ just like a big well and can be escaped with just a rope. Only one child has been able to escape from the prison and that one child is believed to be Bane.

Bane then takes the control over the city and plans to blast off the nuclear material within  a few hours. How Batman reaches Gotham and will he be able to save the city or not? forms the rest of the story.

The actors are superb, the story – edgy and the direction – from Christopher Nolan is legendary.  The climax is interesting and makes viewers think of the brilliance – the Nolan brothers have put into the series.

Bane might not be the Joker, but is able to create the fear in terms of the viewers to an extent.

Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are new additions to the series.

Impressive and a must watch movie.


Cocktail : Movie Review

cocktail movie poster

cocktail movie poster

the movie derives its name from a mixture of various drinks and offers to an extent (the first half) the required content. but yes, you wont get a hangover from this movie as soon as you leave movie  theaters. 

gautam (saif) comes to london for a job and is kind of a lady-killer – starting from boarding the plane and staring at the lady attendant! he lands up @ meera (diana penty) the moment he is there ti leave his uncle with whom he stays @ London. meera has just married and has come to stay with her husband (randeep hooda) – who dumps her at the moment he sees her at his office. in comes veronica, who is a rich spoilt girl and they meet at a restroom to become the best friends later on. veronica invites her to her house and give her a room at her big apartment. they soon start befriending each other and one day see gautam flirting with his new boss, and veronica decides to settle the score by predicting she’s pregnant from him.   all soon gets well, between the two, when they meet together on the bar, where veronica’s the queen of hearts! 

gautam begins a relationship with veronica and shares the room with meera! gautam’s mom (dimple kapadia) calls in to find that gautam has already found a bahu (dau-in-law) for her and due to the nature of meera, who wouldn’t get rejected – says that she’s the girl! veronica doesn’t get angry at first but the impressions that meera puts on her to be mum-in-law gets her interested towards indian culture back again.

the story moves to south africa (capetown) where meera and gautam stay together for a while and veronica gets distanced. gautam, for the first time, falls in love with meera, even though his live-in relationship with veronica stays in everybody’s minds and meera decides to quit the game of frdship and love for the betterment of other two. 

the story’s seciond half goes on to tell the same repeated story.  

 the first half establishes cocktail, while running only for 45 mins. the second half (around 1.5 hours ~ 91 mins)  doesn’t do that well, gets like a rehash of the love aaj kal kinda thing. 

diana penty has loads of tears in the film, well and the times she has to act otherwise, does that in a good way.saif  gets to play his usual stuff, but age looks to take on him on the upper side now.deepika plays veronica with grace, its her and saif’s touch, that lift the first half. most of the comic punches are on veronica’s part.

boman irani and dimple gets a good amount of scenes, but their characters seem a bit less deep. 

overall, the music is good, with tumhi ho bandhu and daaru desi rocking the first half.

 the plot ni imtiaz and sajid ali lets down the direction of homi adjania in someways, it could have been much better, if there was another twist in the tale.

 worth a one time watch, just if u have time.

Shanghai movie review


Shanghai Poster

Shanghai Poster

Shanghai ~ the name just based on the thought process that todays leaders in India – just want to replicate the success of Shanghai in their elected area. Nobody seems to mind about the consequences of the progress from nothing to everything and of people’s unity with their soil. A political satire in its own way, Shanghai depicts the problems the leaders face while trying to progress against some NGO’s and the NGO’s view from the background.

IBP ~ India Bana Pardes! the name of the party that promotes itself into making India a foreign land. The people once were so attracted towards the development of the West ~ the politicians thought of making one in here itself ~ in a symbolic place called Bharat Nagar. The slums are being moved out of the city by 50 kms and in comes Mr. Ahmedi ~ played by Prasonajeet who takes the cause of opposing the plans of the development of Bharat Nagar.

He is brutally killed in front of everybody ~ his followers on one side and his opponents on the other. How a student of his – Shalini Sahay – played by Kalki, a video shooter and a photographer Joginder Parmar ~ Emraan Hashmi and the government official ~ T. A. Krishnan ~ Abhay Deol (with a Tamilian accent!)  go to the base of the plot to kill Ahmedi – form the narrative of Shanghai.

The story is based on the novel ~ comes with the opening credits ~ is so relevant today, it fails to beat the impact of time.

Dibakar Banerjee just ROCKS man! This is the second movie of his that i saw and liked. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was brilliant piece of work too. His choices of actors has been also good. Abhay Deol never looked same in both of his movies and well different thena ZNMD too. Emraan Hashmi ~ though might have been cast a year ago ~ proves his worth with this role. Kalki has a small role. Prosanajit well adds intensity of Dr. Ahmedi to this film. Farooq Sheikh, Chinmay Mandalekar and Anant Jog have some important parts of the film.

Music is from Vishal and Shekhar, but we hardly have one song playing in the mind when we leave ~ Bharat Mata ki Jai.

The climax unfolds how brains of an intelligent guy can save many and destroy many! Whereas in the end we still see the picture we saw about 10-12 years ago. Just a word of thought.

A nice and thoughtful watch with the pleasure of a good filmmaking from an old narrative which totally fits in our present.

Agent Vinod – Movie Review



Well, first things first. I liked this movie even though I have read too much critical reviews of it, some even criticising the way of director’s treatment.

Saif and his aide, played by Ravi Kishan ~ Major Rajan, try to hunt down terrorists and have some information about the activities going on their minds. Rajan is captured and killed when he comes to know about a device called 242.

We come to know that Saif is a RAW agent named Agent Vinod and takes on his own to discover a nuclear and portable – explosive device referred to as 242 most of the times, which can be unlocked by a book from the old days. Iram – the character played by Kareena is a UK based Pakistani girl, who is working for the ISI chief – unknown to the other people of the same organisation, elsewhere.

The globe trotting adventure takes us to places not seen in so many numbers in a Bollywood movie, where the couple, sometimes playing on the same side, sometimes against each other decide to take down the revenge on the masterminds behind the plot.

The direction is good, story is fast paced, but the narrative would have been much better is the characters were less as well as the places this movie has been shot. Viewers have to take into consideration – the above factors. 

Music is good, though Pritam has been caught many a times for lifting the music.

Overall a nice watch if you like the likes of Bond or Bourne or MI series.  Saif tries to rescue the film from the nasty plot but this could have been much better if movie was edited as per its Hollywood’s counterparts.


ek main aur ekk tu – Movie Review

the title says it all, it’s a romcom about two strangers – Imran – who plays Rahul Kapoor,  an architect, always achieving silverware instead of gold ~ as his dad taunts him always. Meets Riana, played by Kareena who is a hair stylist.

Ek main aur ekk tu Poster

Ek main aur ekk tu Poster

Imran gets dumped by the company and Riana has had a break up ~ both land up a grocery shop first and @ a psychiatrist’s clinic later, Kareena grows suspicious of Imran following her as her BF would have kept someone to spy on her and messes up.  They meet again due to the mess up on the Christmas eve, get drunk and married in a chapel which is open 365 days/year on the later part of the night ~ only to realise what went wrong the next day!

They decide to annul the marriage and get out of this new-found relationship status and where it ends forms the other part of the story after interval.

It’s such a typical masala stuff which we have already seen in a typical KJo movie that you can guess what will happen one after the another.

The pace of the movie is good, Imran plays a very likeable character, Kareena @ her usual best.

Amit Trivedi and Amit Bhattacharya again give some good and memorable songs.

The pairing of Ranbir and Kareena can’t happen as they are paternal cousins, they reject this idea and Imran gets a chance instead!! Same happened in Rockstar and one here!

Being with the special one on this movie made it more special and memorable 😉

Was busy last week so this review took time 🙂


Don 2: The King is Back – Movie review

Don 2 Movie Poster
Don 2 Movie Poster

This movie starts with the European drug cartel trying to kill Don, who is their prime enemy in Asia and trying to take over Europe single-handedly. The story shifts to Malaysia, where their agents have planned to kill Don while he comes up to take a package. Finally, Don gets to know of the idea and surrenders in front of Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Malik (Om Puri) to get into the safe haven – jails – at the moment.

Don has fights with Vardhaan (Boman Irani) inside the jails, where a small flashback shows how he landed up there. While he argues with Vardhaan to act together and get out of the jail. They go according to the plans and then set out to Europe where Don has his agent Ayesha (Lara Dutta) and plan to get a tape which only Vardhaan and Singhania can get access to. As Singhania is now dead, only Vardhaan can solve the missing link.
The video in the locker shows a German Bank, where Singhania and A K Diwan (Aly Khan) have a close agreement to save the President’s chair – which he holds for more than a decade – while killing the winning candidate and he is shown to be killed by Singhania.
Don and Diwan now have an agreement for which he has to give the plan of the Bank in return of the tape. He hires another gang (of Jabbar) to kill Don, not fully trusting him. Don tries to loot the bank for the currency printing moulds and now has two insiders planning against him, Jabbar and Vardhaan. What and how he plans, is the climax of the movie.
The movie, takes time gripping the audience and seems like a puzzle most of the time, where the audience has to concentrate more.
Farhan Akhtar and the two writes, Amrish and Ameet have tried hard to keept it simple but the twists are so much and time-consuming that it tries to become a gnag war movie once a while,  a heist movie another time and finally an action thriller at the end.
There are no clues how Don survived these many years, while being constantly pursued. Another thing was Don’s gang, of whom, nobody is shown in this movie, not even Anita (Ishaa Koppikar – in Part 1). The character of Roma, is given less screen presence and Priyanka Chopra has less to act than fight. her love angle with Don is not explored too.  
Shahrukh excels again as Don, but its the story that takes the burden off his shoulders and puts it on the other characters. Hritik appears in a sequence as Don, however there is no Katrina Kaif in the movie as romoured.
There’s just one song (Zara Dil ko thaam lo) in the film which saves much time.
Overall, Don 2 could have been a better movie if the concepts were streamlined, and not being better in parts – as an end product which has been released now.
Finally, SRK appears on a bike with number plate as Don 3. Would you wait for a sequel to this one…?