Shanghai movie review


Shanghai Poster

Shanghai Poster

Shanghai ~ the name just based on the thought process that todays leaders in India – just want to replicate the success of Shanghai in their elected area. Nobody seems to mind about the consequences of the progress from nothing to everything and of people’s unity with their soil. A political satire in its own way, Shanghai depicts the problems the leaders face while trying to progress against some NGO’s and the NGO’s view from the background.

IBP ~ India Bana Pardes! the name of the party that promotes itself into making India a foreign land. The people once were so attracted towards the development of the West ~ the politicians thought of making one in here itself ~ in a symbolic place called Bharat Nagar. The slums are being moved out of the city by 50 kms and in comes Mr. Ahmedi ~ played by Prasonajeet who takes the cause of opposing the plans of the development of Bharat Nagar.

He is brutally killed in front of everybody ~ his followers on one side and his opponents on the other. How a student of his – Shalini Sahay – played by Kalki, a video shooter and a photographer Joginder Parmar ~ Emraan Hashmi and the government official ~ T. A. Krishnan ~ Abhay Deol (with a Tamilian accent!)  go to the base of the plot to kill Ahmedi – form the narrative of Shanghai.

The story is based on the novel ~ comes with the opening credits ~ is so relevant today, it fails to beat the impact of time.

Dibakar Banerjee just ROCKS man! This is the second movie of his that i saw and liked. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was brilliant piece of work too. His choices of actors has been also good. Abhay Deol never looked same in both of his movies and well different thena ZNMD too. Emraan Hashmi ~ though might have been cast a year ago ~ proves his worth with this role. Kalki has a small role. Prosanajit well adds intensity of Dr. Ahmedi to this film. Farooq Sheikh, Chinmay Mandalekar and Anant Jog have some important parts of the film.

Music is from Vishal and Shekhar, but we hardly have one song playing in the mind when we leave ~ Bharat Mata ki Jai.

The climax unfolds how brains of an intelligent guy can save many and destroy many! Whereas in the end we still see the picture we saw about 10-12 years ago. Just a word of thought.

A nice and thoughtful watch with the pleasure of a good filmmaking from an old narrative which totally fits in our present.


loads of data, here and there



last week, visited the doctor, as i was completely down with dehydration and fever. a woman visited the dr. – who took out his prescriptions for the last few weeks  and brought him new books – for new ones. a thought came to my mind, that the data might have been taken just for some form of computer entry and the prescriptions were being computerised somehow of all the doctors in that specific suburban area. then came the thought of a database – that the data collecting company would be making of – combinations of the medicines that the doctor was offering to the patients.

what if the doctors in that area are somehow sponsored by some medical company which gathers this data, makes these medicines with different names than those of its competitors and tries to sell its own products instead of some competitors being sold. this is what makes the word “data” such handy thing to be @ hands.

recently (last year – might be) i had read some articles in which chips were being inserted in the arm bands to check the blood pressure, heart rates etc… again loads of data.  times seems close when computers will tell you what to eat and what not… Sir, your bp is high please remove the salt in your plate..

somehow i think with advancements in technology we are missing the simplicity we had before.


image : from Google search on clinical data research.

the way i am

about 4-5 years ago, a good friend of mine, attributing to the personality factor of mine, once said to me – that shekhar – keeping everybody happy isn’t an easy task and the amount of sacrifice you will do for keeping everybody’s feeling intact ~ will infact start hurting you at some point or other. At this moment of time, you will reflect upon you past deeds and feel sorry for getting that pressure on self.

the point stays today with me too. how much more to stretch is the question. god willing i will. but nonetheless the  point of time discussed above will arrive sooner or later anytime. the way of committing self to anything i had interest has stretched me too far. in this longing for interest, i have lost myself somehow.

dwelling in the ideas of somebody else cannot generate new ideas and hence, kills the main concept of creativity and resurgence of the self, and somehow i am feeling captivated in the image of the person i always wanted to be be but somehow will fall short of the perfect me. this fad of having a perfect self has been nutured for long but being ideal in every situation is better than being perfect as it lends much more space.

by the way, i have observed that it is only us as individuals who judge ourselves for being perfect. but our parents, relatives and friends – never reject who we are actually, just wanting us to perform better or who so ever we are. they feel happy if we outperform but its the time  that matters. its difficult to judge someone in according to a particular situation as one would act differently at any given time in his life according to his/her experiences. so imagining to many people in the same situations – and feeling that they would act differently would also prove otherwise if they always would knew the results first or looking back they would have thought of acting differently.

i, as always, have no second thought of having done wrong in any case, though  its my personal belief. but in any such case, others might have thought of having this person – if had acted  differently – would haven’t landed at this place. its where i am but its the place where i would have been.

the other thought, that took me by surprise was, others expected me to do some radical things, which they themselves never carried out and rather went back the way from we had started. i still continued the way for years, but find myself too far often, though they still try to come this way, but are afraid of it, or can’t imagine coming this way. i stand here isolated and single with no hand for help. but there’s always a point of return and yes, thats the way to be sought out now after all a few words of praise as a son or a brother or as a lover can be motivating than the heavy load of imaginations.

well, one person cannot carry out many roles with inefficiency, but he can be happy carrying out a single role effectively. this is where i thought, nadan parinde from rockstar, was sung for.

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,800 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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What defines me…. … .. .?

the way we see things may be different from they actually are, this brings us to the point where we may assume or acknowledge that the things seem in that form to us @ the given instance of the time and not they actually are. they just seem to be rather than they actually are.

man is just a thought of his own creation. he changes his own life with his own thoughts. just as somebody says or wishes you eagerly to change your thoughts and have a different perspective of life than the regular one. things change  or rather the approach towards life changes. so what we actually are? a slave of our own creations? as the surroundings or the people we are in ~ most of the times remain constant!

it’s how i found my faith defines me. if it’s there, i am to happy to be the one who i am. if it isn’t there, i can’t figure out the way i live, rather feeling like, time has passed out too fast and years have gone by without noticing. it’s this getting in and out of rhythm which i am so used to! 

and as the years go one, the waves of these things bring me up and down with them. this has led me to the thought of being someone who is already being taken care of, by the one who i have utmost faith in. i wish and hope that this faith continues to be with me till my last breath and even after that. because it’s the thing that defines me, deep inside. its there somewhere,  where i find myself, my peace and all my desires laid to rest. it’s where all the things that this world’s desires vanish and its the point of time from where i cease to come back to reality. somebody may call it day dreaming but then it is just so different from dreaming  as feeling of being  and that too awake in it are its prime necessities.

this is where, i found that being somebody has no importance, but being with that belief has all that to be lived for.

it’s where thoughts emerge around as a group of people but you need to stay calm and unknowing of the rush as the air which stays with us all the time, but has no feeling of being. it’s about being so inhuman to feelings, but in the end, it makes you so bound to take care of all the beings around you. as it is the only thing present in all living beings.

it can’t be moulded into a form because as us, it can’t be visualised in a form. it also, rather takes many forms, all around us!  the only one to give the knowledge of it to all being the Master!

Don 2: The King is Back – Movie review

Don 2 Movie Poster
Don 2 Movie Poster

This movie starts with the European drug cartel trying to kill Don, who is their prime enemy in Asia and trying to take over Europe single-handedly. The story shifts to Malaysia, where their agents have planned to kill Don while he comes up to take a package. Finally, Don gets to know of the idea and surrenders in front of Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Malik (Om Puri) to get into the safe haven – jails – at the moment.

Don has fights with Vardhaan (Boman Irani) inside the jails, where a small flashback shows how he landed up there. While he argues with Vardhaan to act together and get out of the jail. They go according to the plans and then set out to Europe where Don has his agent Ayesha (Lara Dutta) and plan to get a tape which only Vardhaan and Singhania can get access to. As Singhania is now dead, only Vardhaan can solve the missing link.
The video in the locker shows a German Bank, where Singhania and A K Diwan (Aly Khan) have a close agreement to save the President’s chair – which he holds for more than a decade – while killing the winning candidate and he is shown to be killed by Singhania.
Don and Diwan now have an agreement for which he has to give the plan of the Bank in return of the tape. He hires another gang (of Jabbar) to kill Don, not fully trusting him. Don tries to loot the bank for the currency printing moulds and now has two insiders planning against him, Jabbar and Vardhaan. What and how he plans, is the climax of the movie.
The movie, takes time gripping the audience and seems like a puzzle most of the time, where the audience has to concentrate more.
Farhan Akhtar and the two writes, Amrish and Ameet have tried hard to keept it simple but the twists are so much and time-consuming that it tries to become a gnag war movie once a while,  a heist movie another time and finally an action thriller at the end.
There are no clues how Don survived these many years, while being constantly pursued. Another thing was Don’s gang, of whom, nobody is shown in this movie, not even Anita (Ishaa Koppikar – in Part 1). The character of Roma, is given less screen presence and Priyanka Chopra has less to act than fight. her love angle with Don is not explored too.  
Shahrukh excels again as Don, but its the story that takes the burden off his shoulders and puts it on the other characters. Hritik appears in a sequence as Don, however there is no Katrina Kaif in the movie as romoured.
There’s just one song (Zara Dil ko thaam lo) in the film which saves much time.
Overall, Don 2 could have been a better movie if the concepts were streamlined, and not being better in parts – as an end product which has been released now.
Finally, SRK appears on a bike with number plate as Don 3. Would you wait for a sequel to this one…?

Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Movie Review

Mission impossible Ghost Protocol Poster
Mission impossible Ghost Protocol Poster
MI 3 was long way back, then came in the alpha male movies – The Bourne Ultimatum (Matt Damon) and the new Bond flicks, with James Bond played by Daniel Craig. But Tom Cruise is back with a bang with MI 4!!
It can’t get better than this…. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt an IMF agent, who is rescued from Russian prison for the crime he committed while people thought his wife was murdered. Another agent Jane (played by Paula Patton) has her lover – Trevor (Josh Holloway) – involved in an attempt to recover the codes used to activate the nuclear missiles of Russia. Trevor is killed by an assassin who tries to sell the codes to Cobalt in Dubai. She rescues Ethan in a bid to get these codes – from Cobalt – a nuclear scientist (Michael N.) also known by the world as Kurt Hendriks.
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Banner Poster

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Banner Poster

Ethan is asked to meet the secretary as the IMF has been disavowed and the secretary gives Ethan the mission to track Cobalt down – but these guys are suddenly attacked by a team of Russians, killing the secretary, leaving an analyst – Brandt (Jeremy Renner) left with him. Now the mission Ethan has – to track Cobalt down and is assisted by the team of three – Brandt, Benji and Jane – with no official help on hand.
The story has been well written and developed on screen.
You suddenly feel that you have globetrotted after you have seen this movie, as countries and people change after a few sequences. Germany, Russia, Dubai, India are the prominent places.
The stunts @ Burj Khalifa and in general – all – those from Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner and the starting sequence of Trevor are awesome!!!! You just have your adrenaline pumping after you have seen this kind of stuff.
The natural calamities – sandstorm in Dubai and the blasts have been used with their greatest effect to gather that grip on the audience.
The scenes in India – have been showed to be in Mumbai – whereas it seems that the palace is somewhere in Rajasthan and the other sequences are with in Hyderabad (most of the scenes featuring Telugu Language) or Bangalore (the IT hub of the country).
Anil Kapoor is on the reels for just a few minutes as Brij Nath (an Indian businessman) having satellites useful for the launch of the Russian Missiles.
The film is so well done that the suspence between the two characters in IMF (Brandt & Ethan) is continued till the end – for a nail-biting finish.
Bard Bird must be applauded for this effort.
Jeremy Renner is the new Bourne and I must admit it that it would be fun watching him!
Rating : I must admit its 10/10!!!