The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

the dark knight rises poster
the dark knight rises poster


well, Christopher Nolan, is a great story-teller and a superb director, one must say – after watching the Batman trilogy.

It’s already 8 years passed since Batman had disappeared from public appearances and so has Bruce Wayne. Wayne has invested his amount @ Wayne enterprises in a nuclear science project ~ which has crumbled and the profits are going down year after year. Bane ~ a ruthless criminal meanwhile flees from a CIA aeroplane while capturing a nuclear scientist – who was on the development project.

Bane (Tom Hardy) attacks the stock market in Gotham and gets his numbers of shares in market to a very low price. Batman comes back while looking to attack Bane and Police instead of tracing Bane try to lock out Batman instead. Batman escapes with a newly developed vehicle – The Bat.

Wayne decides to leave the company in the hands of Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) for the safety of the project – which is in an inactive state at a base below the river flowing through the city of Gotham and attack Bane with the help of Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) – whom he has caught stealing his mother’s necklace @ Wayne manor once.

Insteading of being able to beat Bane, Batman himself gets attacked and injured in the hands of Bane and comes to know that he is the one who has come to attack Batman from the League of Shadows after Ra’s al ghul’s death.  Bane breaks Batman’s back and gets him locked in a prison ~ just like a big well and can be escaped with just a rope. Only one child has been able to escape from the prison and that one child is believed to be Bane.

Bane then takes the control over the city and plans to blast off the nuclear material within  a few hours. How Batman reaches Gotham and will he be able to save the city or not? forms the rest of the story.

The actors are superb, the story – edgy and the direction – from Christopher Nolan is legendary.  The climax is interesting and makes viewers think of the brilliance – the Nolan brothers have put into the series.

Bane might not be the Joker, but is able to create the fear in terms of the viewers to an extent.

Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are new additions to the series.

Impressive and a must watch movie.



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