Cocktail : Movie Review

cocktail movie poster
cocktail movie poster

the movie derives its name from a mixture of various drinks and offers to an extent (the first half) the required content. but yes, you wont get a hangover from this movie as soon as you leave movie  theaters. 

gautam (saif) comes to london for a job and is kind of a lady-killer – starting from boarding the plane and staring at the lady attendant! he lands up @ meera (diana penty) the moment he is there ti leave his uncle with whom he stays @ London. meera has just married and has come to stay with her husband (randeep hooda) – who dumps her at the moment he sees her at his office. in comes veronica, who is a rich spoilt girl and they meet at a restroom to become the best friends later on. veronica invites her to her house and give her a room at her big apartment. they soon start befriending each other and one day see gautam flirting with his new boss, and veronica decides to settle the score by predicting she’s pregnant from him.   all soon gets well, between the two, when they meet together on the bar, where veronica’s the queen of hearts! 

gautam begins a relationship with veronica and shares the room with meera! gautam’s mom (dimple kapadia) calls in to find that gautam has already found a bahu (dau-in-law) for her and due to the nature of meera, who wouldn’t get rejected – says that she’s the girl! veronica doesn’t get angry at first but the impressions that meera puts on her to be mum-in-law gets her interested towards indian culture back again.

the story moves to south africa (capetown) where meera and gautam stay together for a while and veronica gets distanced. gautam, for the first time, falls in love with meera, even though his live-in relationship with veronica stays in everybody’s minds and meera decides to quit the game of frdship and love for the betterment of other two. 

the story’s seciond half goes on to tell the same repeated story.  

 the first half establishes cocktail, while running only for 45 mins. the second half (around 1.5 hours ~ 91 mins)  doesn’t do that well, gets like a rehash of the love aaj kal kinda thing. 

diana penty has loads of tears in the film, well and the times she has to act otherwise, does that in a good way.saif  gets to play his usual stuff, but age looks to take on him on the upper side now.deepika plays veronica with grace, its her and saif’s touch, that lift the first half. most of the comic punches are on veronica’s part.

boman irani and dimple gets a good amount of scenes, but their characters seem a bit less deep. 

overall, the music is good, with tumhi ho bandhu and daaru desi rocking the first half.

 the plot ni imtiaz and sajid ali lets down the direction of homi adjania in someways, it could have been much better, if there was another twist in the tale.

 worth a one time watch, just if u have time.


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