loads of data, here and there


last week, visited the doctor, as i was completely down with dehydration and fever. a woman visited the dr. – who took out his prescriptions for the last few weeks  and brought him new books – for new ones. a thought came to my mind, that the data might have been taken just for some form of computer entry and the prescriptions were being computerised somehow of all the doctors in that specific suburban area. then came the thought of a database – that the data collecting company would be making of – combinations of the medicines that the doctor was offering to the patients.

what if the doctors in that area are somehow sponsored by some medical company which gathers this data, makes these medicines with different names than those of its competitors and tries to sell its own products instead of some competitors being sold. this is what makes the word “data” such handy thing to be @ hands.

recently (last year – might be) i had read some articles in which chips were being inserted in the arm bands to check the blood pressure, heart rates etc… again loads of data.  times seems close when computers will tell you what to eat and what not… Sir, your bp is high please remove the salt in your plate..

somehow i think with advancements in technology we are missing the simplicity we had before.


image : from Google search on clinical data research.


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