what matters ultimately?

there are many phases through which we go on developing into becoming what we are right now.. but the matters of heart stay where they are. we never want to take the wrong tide, or go against our hearts. that’s where the tide changes our mind and we have a cyclone coming in ~ of unwanted emotions.

even though we know that we don’t control the happenings in the world and are just a bit of the whole picture, still we want the world to take shape in our ways.  

this is where we are urged to ask, what matters ultimately, the answer being ~ the matters of our heart. one may not rule the world as a king, but he feels himself as being one, when the minutest of things in his life – go his way.

there are two ways – like always – to go through this experience, one by accepting what all comes your way – as you imagination. or the other to imagine and live the way you dream. the first is difficult to think of and more tough to apply ~ but nevertheless easier when managed. the other one is so tough – it seems likeable at the first glance but many few would choose to agree this path.

as in life of the real world, we have to sometimes take middle path between these two, and thus what we see is sometimes what was required by us or either the one that the Supreme thought would be better for us. in either ways we win.


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