ek main aur ekk tu – Movie Review

the title says it all, it’s a romcom about two strangers – Imran – who plays Rahul Kapoor,  an architect, always achieving silverware instead of gold ~ as his dad taunts him always. Meets Riana, played by Kareena who is a hair stylist.

Ek main aur ekk tu Poster
Ek main aur ekk tu Poster

Imran gets dumped by the company and Riana has had a break up ~ both land up a grocery shop first and @ a psychiatrist’s clinic later, Kareena grows suspicious of Imran following her as her BF would have kept someone to spy on her and messes up.  They meet again due to the mess up on the Christmas eve, get drunk and married in a chapel which is open 365 days/year on the later part of the night ~ only to realise what went wrong the next day!

They decide to annul the marriage and get out of this new-found relationship status and where it ends forms the other part of the story after interval.

It’s such a typical masala stuff which we have already seen in a typical KJo movie that you can guess what will happen one after the another.

The pace of the movie is good, Imran plays a very likeable character, Kareena @ her usual best.

Amit Trivedi and Amit Bhattacharya again give some good and memorable songs.

The pairing of Ranbir and Kareena can’t happen as they are paternal cousins, they reject this idea and Imran gets a chance instead!! Same happened in Rockstar and one here!

Being with the special one on this movie made it more special and memorable 😉

Was busy last week so this review took time 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. arvind says:

    haha poster war Aalok lagu aahe aase watale

    1. shekharonline says:

      hahaha… picture changala hota.. typical KJo stuff. tu baghitla aahes kay? sadhya yenarya movies madhe London Paris New York bara vatato aahe, Talaash (starring Aamir Khan) la barach vel aahe…

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