again. and again.

yesterday was a funny day again. forgot the fuel key of the bike in the office drawers and came in ahead atleast a km from the company’s bus stop. without knowing whether i’ll get the duplicate keys somewhere near where the bike stops without the keys.

had the help of Traffic cops near West end, and these men were cheerful and funny @ the same time too. i had a laugh with them till i was there.

till the time i was with them, they tried each and every key they had, to unlock the fuel lock, but to our fortunes, that wasn’t happening at all.

the jolly man in them, said that the lock was so faithful to that key and it didn’t allow unblocking with any other keys 🙂 You would have a difficult time this…. they advised to get to a key maker just close to the place from where i had left. hah.

just a note that – i found these guys pretty helpful, than the other times, other than when one break the rules and get caught. these are humans after all and have their duties to follow to earn their bread and butter. how much, you say, well that depends on everybody’s thoughts and appetite!

the key makers job was just of a few minutes and i was back on the 2 wheeler.

the sadesati (in which Saturn comes to a moon sign for 7.5 years – now entered Scorpio on14th Nov’11) phase  has just begun and seems to test the patience. the cool you be, the cool you will stay in such scenarios. after all, if that thing was to happen, why curse the luck. just chill man, that’s what the heart said.

anyways, the forgetful mind has done its things on own and today i found the keys – on their place – where i had left yesterday.


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