What defines me…. … .. .?

the way we see things may be different from they actually are, this brings us to the point where we may assume or acknowledge that the things seem in that form to us @ the given instance of the time and not they actually are. they just seem to be rather than they actually are.

man is just a thought of his own creation. he changes his own life with his own thoughts. just as somebody says or wishes you eagerly to change your thoughts and have a different perspective of life than the regular one. things change  or rather the approach towards life changes. so what we actually are? a slave of our own creations? as the surroundings or the people we are in ~ most of the times remain constant!

it’s how i found my faith defines me. if it’s there, i am to happy to be the one who i am. if it isn’t there, i can’t figure out the way i live, rather feeling like, time has passed out too fast and years have gone by without noticing. it’s this getting in and out of rhythm which i am so used to! 

and as the years go one, the waves of these things bring me up and down with them. this has led me to the thought of being someone who is already being taken care of, by the one who i have utmost faith in. i wish and hope that this faith continues to be with me till my last breath and even after that. because it’s the thing that defines me, deep inside. its there somewhere,  where i find myself, my peace and all my desires laid to rest. it’s where all the things that this world’s desires vanish and its the point of time from where i cease to come back to reality. somebody may call it day dreaming but then it is just so different from dreaming  as feeling of being  and that too awake in it are its prime necessities.

this is where, i found that being somebody has no importance, but being with that belief has all that to be lived for.

it’s where thoughts emerge around as a group of people but you need to stay calm and unknowing of the rush as the air which stays with us all the time, but has no feeling of being. it’s about being so inhuman to feelings, but in the end, it makes you so bound to take care of all the beings around you. as it is the only thing present in all living beings.

it can’t be moulded into a form because as us, it can’t be visualised in a form. it also, rather takes many forms, all around us!  the only one to give the knowledge of it to all being the Master!


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