Don 2: The King is Back – Movie review

Don 2 Movie Poster
Don 2 Movie Poster

This movie starts with the European drug cartel trying to kill Don, who is their prime enemy in Asia and trying to take over Europe single-handedly. The story shifts to Malaysia, where their agents have planned to kill Don while he comes up to take a package. Finally, Don gets to know of the idea and surrenders in front of Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Malik (Om Puri) to get into the safe haven – jails – at the moment.

Don has fights with Vardhaan (Boman Irani) inside the jails, where a small flashback shows how he landed up there. While he argues with Vardhaan to act together and get out of the jail. They go according to the plans and then set out to Europe where Don has his agent Ayesha (Lara Dutta) and plan to get a tape which only Vardhaan and Singhania can get access to. As Singhania is now dead, only Vardhaan can solve the missing link.
The video in the locker shows a German Bank, where Singhania and A K Diwan (Aly Khan) have a close agreement to save the President’s chair – which he holds for more than a decade – while killing the winning candidate and he is shown to be killed by Singhania.
Don and Diwan now have an agreement for which he has to give the plan of the Bank in return of the tape. He hires another gang (of Jabbar) to kill Don, not fully trusting him. Don tries to loot the bank for the currency printing moulds and now has two insiders planning against him, Jabbar and Vardhaan. What and how he plans, is the climax of the movie.
The movie, takes time gripping the audience and seems like a puzzle most of the time, where the audience has to concentrate more.
Farhan Akhtar and the two writes, Amrish and Ameet have tried hard to keept it simple but the twists are so much and time-consuming that it tries to become a gnag war movie once a while,  a heist movie another time and finally an action thriller at the end.
There are no clues how Don survived these many years, while being constantly pursued. Another thing was Don’s gang, of whom, nobody is shown in this movie, not even Anita (Ishaa Koppikar – in Part 1). The character of Roma, is given less screen presence and Priyanka Chopra has less to act than fight. her love angle with Don is not explored too.  
Shahrukh excels again as Don, but its the story that takes the burden off his shoulders and puts it on the other characters. Hritik appears in a sequence as Don, however there is no Katrina Kaif in the movie as romoured.
There’s just one song (Zara Dil ko thaam lo) in the film which saves much time.
Overall, Don 2 could have been a better movie if the concepts were streamlined, and not being better in parts – as an end product which has been released now.
Finally, SRK appears on a bike with number plate as Don 3. Would you wait for a sequel to this one…?

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