Lost and found.

of all the infinite things ~ time it is, sees all in one form and pieces at another instant. it may be this theory that we say the universe would have been formed and started expanding. so much things have changed. ice age came in and gone away. Dino’s followed the same way. it’s the same scale of time but it sees huge changes every moment, every hour, every day.

The time which have already spent in our lives ~ seems so distant. Yet we are here now by passing that unknown test, and facing unknown challenges of the future. This why life is so exciting @ times, as we are unaware of what comes next.

This is when I recognize, I haven’t met friends from school, and meeting them seems that past few years appearing like decades. It’s an awesome experience if somebody recognizes you too soon, do to a known feature from childhood and awful or embarrassing if somebody doesn’t even remember you 😦 . Yet we exist. In the same plane of time, and on the same axis, but the lines hardly intersect each other. We live as if we are unknown to each other or turn each other into unknown people.

It’s by seeing one other we get accustomed to the new avatars fast. Am so doubtful, if you would know your friend some 10-15 years back from their profile pics @ the social networking websites. Seems a bad idea. This is where virtual world is trumped by real world. The hand shakes, the pokes and the punches won’t match with the real world ones, coz they are real 🙂 .

Sometimes, it’s a bit good to lose yourself into old memories and get into the older times and find that child in you.Sometimes, memories make it tough. But anytime, its worth a try. That’s what time teaches you. You were like this guy a few years back and now…? Do you recognize yourselves? It’s as if nothing is here to stay permanent, it’s what it is – right here – right now. Or else, its gone for always.

Can’t say anything on future, but yes, it will make up our memories, fill our brainy hard disks 🙂 with good and bad sectors. live the scripts, man. Coz when its gone, there won’t be a reboot for this entity.

Mixing up programming terminologies with philosophy makes it so funny.




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