iTS called Life

the instances of life being so miserably fallible aren’t quite there everyday in our lives. last week or two we had such instances happening around us. and that makes it unbearable that the near ones are going through the difficult times at such a young age.


One can be theoretical to put everything into it, but those have to bear the things and suffer find no words. may be soul rest in peace – we can’t just say, but the soul would wander around if it has few unfulfilled desires or would have like to spend more time.

We can never say, that the time we have had – has been too good to fulfill our dreams.

I find it difficult to stand by the last two words – our dreams. I am not the creator of my dreams, we say that we dream and we wish that they come true. They may be the imprints of our last (& so lost) lives, but we never have too much time to analyse them. We still dream.

We dream of a good house, that one which has a good value in millions, have good furniture and appliances. Vaguely. but still we dream.

We dream of good cars, good bikes and good roads (Indians do! 🙂 ). Funnily, it takes half a decade to build a bridge, another year or so for it’s being ready to use. So everything takes time.

And Patience.

We dream that our all wishes become true. But we never intend to say which ones, or rather put a break on them and just analyse which one has been the most desired one. Or else it’s all messed, as usual.

May be – we all were made that way. Just to work on the command’s of some programmer who injects dreams when we sleep and commands to work as per His will. It somehow looks as if all is programmed, then where is the “free will”?



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