Ra.One Movie Review

Well, well, well. This movie could have been better. As Hollywood movies come and go by – year on year in Indian market, releasing sometimes, before or with the International release dates, pulling crowds.

So expectations are huge, about the concepts and overall material which would be showed in the theaters. As we have already have had the feast of eyes with Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings – it was a tough task for the Ra.One team.

Lets shoot of at the story first.

Shekhar Subramaniyam is an employee at the company developing software games. We do not know what he actually does – work at – graphics or programming or networking – it’s never shown. His kid Pratik doesn’t like his good doing, down to earth persona. Shekhar is married to Kareena – who is doing a thesis on abusive words in the Indian languages. OMG. Aren’t there much choices left these days? So, one day, the kid asks his dad to program in such a way that the villian of the video game is always powerful than the good part of the video game. so the team who are advised that they will be sent back home or will work as waiters, suddenly develop a program and the owner releases it.

In comes the villian, Ra.One – symbolic of Raavan who has been loaded with the devil like qualities of 10 persons from History. The AI thing in the program realises its strength and comes into real world, when it looses to Pratik in first two rounds of the game and asks him to complete it or it will comeinto “real” world from the program.

Shekhar and Jackie Chan (the character is always referred to as rather than his real character name :() is killed and Ra.One comes into reality.

The good part of the program is then brought into real world by the kid, which again is portrayed by SRK as G.One (the Good One) !!!

Rest of the film then checks out how Pratik and G.One fight Ra.One for the good of this world.

The music is not so worthy and takes the pace off the film.

SRK must have thought of some good director for this kind of film as the film lacks that ~ something special kind of feeling.

Kareena is just there for a few scenes.  The kid acts good but the main character of this film as always revolves around SRK.

The film pays tribute to Robot (Chitti), Khalnayak and other notable films of the past.  Having seen Ironman and Tron : Legacy, it was kind of mixture for me.

News is that the 3D version hasn’t yet arrived.


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