The Dark Knight – Film Review

The Dark Knight poster
The Dark Knight poster

Batman and Joker – different sides of the same coin as Joker puts it. Gem of a movie. Have watched it many times now and so decided to write it down.


Joker is a no-man. He robs the banks, terrorizes Gotham city and wants to pull the mask over Batman’s face and wants to get into a fight with him personally. He thinks that rules are not their for living and wants to do things which are well planned by him, but wants batmans to come ahead of him without him and being sicker than him.

Bruce Wayne/ Batman is losing his girlfriend Rachel to Harvey Dent, who is recently handling the city as a district attorney on one hand and tries to put some optimism in people by facing Joker. He puts himself in the line of fire by accepting himself as Batman during a press conference and this enrages Joker.  Joker chases cop vans and Batman gets cops to catch Joker.  

Joker plans something different the next time, but puzzling Batman to either save Rachel or Harvey. Both are lost in different ways and the film speedily races to the climax. The optimists turn dark so fast, Joker is successful in converting Batman’s ally into his.

Direction was superb, acting from the 5 leads is superb. Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce), Heath Ledger (Joker), Aaron Eckhart (Dent), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Rachel) and Gary Oldman(Police commissioner)

Movies like these need special effects to be too good, and this film excels in it.

Overall, Nolan delivers a masterpiece.


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