Google Buzz fades away

after Wave, Buzz is the another service which will be removed from Google’s armory.

This new notification comes out while you login every time.


Google Buzz Leaving soon
Google Buzz Leaving soon

It’s also as per the advice of Steve Jobs to the current Google CEO as per the recent posts on his to be published biography as the author says. Concentrate on one product – up to 4-5 things at a time and don’t increase the burden on your shoulders was his last advice to the CEO.

Seems that he listened to his mentor.


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  1. Buzz was not a good one anyway. I am sure google+ is going to meet the same fate!

    1. shekharonline says:

      Yes, seems that they have messed up the whole “social” things by just following the twitter and fbook model. They need a new fresh start.


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