Surrender or get destroyed.

this post topic isn’t related to Gaddafi or Saddam..

i am in a limbo of thought as a dear friend poses the same question again and again. the master says he will look after all his followers if we surrender. my friend asks in which sense. i never know. but let’s analyze.  the objective is very clear and the conclusions also. it all concludes in the Master looking after all your needs, and wishes.  my dear friend, here in lies the trick.

after you surrender, there’s no you. i repeat it all over again. yes, there’s no you! its like being owned by someone.

Saint Ramdas (meaning follower of Ram) says to his pupils, when you give up the ownership, don’t even acknowledge it. acknowledging it will leave the ownership back to you.

Master to his follower: – are shishya man ghalawe| nashiwant tu olkhawe| sadhan lage karawe| pratidynach aahe||
pratidnya karawee  praman| aise bolto ha kon| nashiwant to madarpan| yamadhe to aala||
tu mhanasi jey dile| ghyawaya kon urale| are urale tey jhurale| majhyakade||
tu nashiwanta madhe alasi| apanaas ka choritosi| nashiwant deta kachaktosi| phat re padhatmurkha||

The follower to his Master,  shishya vicharuni bole| swami kaahi naahi urale|

Master: are naahi bolne aale| nashiwanta madhe|| aahe mhanta kaahi naahi| naahi shabda gela tohi| naahi naahi mhanta urale ki|| yethe shunya niras jhala| atma sadodit sanchala| paho jata sadhakala| thaavachi naahi|| abhinn dnyata tochi maanya| sadhak sadhya hota dhanya|
veglepane vruttishunya| pawtee prani|| veglepane paho jaata| moksha na jode sarwatha|
atma disena mata| varpade hoti|| aplya dola dekhile| te nashiwanta madhe aale| aise janoni dharile| tey nadile prani||

Things must be cyrstal clear. The master says leave all the mortal things including your ego to me, I will take care of all your needs. Acknowledge this and i will look after you in your good times and bad ones.

Being One with the One, will unite you with Him, but if you will try to hug Him will in turn result in bringing back the senses to their life.

jari manacha thara tutla| mhanje bhavsindhu aatla| prani nischitarthe sutla| punarvruttipasuni||
hechi jaan bhaktiche phal| jene tute sansarmool| nisang aani nirmal| atmaswaye||
sangatit mhanje moksha| tethe kainche dekhne lakshya| lakshya aani alakshya| dohis thaav naahi||
atma mhanoni dekhnyas mithi| ghalu jaata mokshatuti| mhanoniya utha-uthi| atmanivedan karawe||
prapta jhale advaitdynan| abhinnapane jey vidynan| techi jaan atmanivedan| jethe me naahi||
aisi stithi jya purushyachi| taya punaravrutti kaichi| janoni bhakti keli dasyachi| devasi atyant||
purwi dasytva hote kele| tyache swamitva prapt jhale| aani tayache mahttva rakshile| tari thor upkaar||

Masters asks his follower to leave his (ego) being, and be the One who is immortal (the atman).  Being this he will be freed from the cycle of birth and deaths. He asks the follower to just see and forget observing too. Be isolated at the same time unified with the One. He asks the follower to meditate and reach the topmost level of Salvation, where the “i” will leave him and he will remained united with the One.

Now, he and the God he prayed for will be one, united. And thus will lead to his liberation.

The other part of being One, or surrendering wholly, is that no desires will arouse of selfishness. Just needs will arise and will replace desires. Excitement will be miles long. I don’t know how that would be feeling, but would like to. Awesome stage.

That’s all for the weekend. What more can a follower ask to his Master than this step… ?

The Italic text is from Atmarama, 4th Chapter by Samartha Ramdas.


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