Ra.One – random thoughts

SRK brings in the Super Hero theme back to the movies. Its was Hanuman of the Ramayan, Shaktimaan by Mukesh Khanna and Captain Vyom played by Milind Soman while we were children and then on many have appeared in movies. From Hollywood.

Krissh introduced a superhero while it was basically a sequel to Koi mil gaya, which it self was based on many alien movies which came out from Hollywood decade(s) ago.

Now in the current scenario, Hollywood is into the reboot of the Superman series (Nolan will be turning one of the producers), the end of the Batman trilogy and X Men prequel came in recently so a few more parts will follow. There is another reboot of Spiderman series, which will come next year. Then we have had Captain America and Thor this year who will join with the Hulk and Iron man in the Avengers (part1) ~ a teaser has just come out. Three parts are expected of this Avengers movie franchise. Not to miss the James Bond (>20 movies) and Sherlock Holmes (The Game of Shadows comes ). Not to forget The Green Hornet and the Green Lantern. there can be many more additions.

Update:  I forgot to mention the three most successful novel to movie conversions. JRR Tolkein’s LOTR Trilogy and Harry Potter series from JKR and The twilight series.

Leaving the classic epics, we have hardly had anything based on super natural stories. We had chandoba/ chandamama, chacha chowdhary and other stuff. but nothing based on the literature came up. Amitabh had done a movie ~ Toofaan (?) and Alibaba and 40 thieves is another one..

So its like the flow goes the other way round this time, as Ra.one site itself has some comic strips to showcase the characters in the movie.  

Other point is that we have hollywood movies backend work being done here. Avatar team had technicians working from Mumbai. but we hardly have any movies which utilize their skills. Or we don’t have scripts?

Or we don’t like sequels or multipart movies? There may be another sequel to this film as the news suggest. well i got a the slice of the plot @ IMDB.


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