Last Sunday – The Other Guys and Nacho Libre

Saw 2 movies 🙂

The Other Guys poster
The Other Guys poster

The Other Guys came in @ 12 pm this sunday. was a cool movie about everyday cops. two Rocking Cops – the Rock (Dwayne Johnson ) and Samuel Jackson are the Cool dudes of the city who literally destroy millions worth of things for catching thieves who robbed somebody or the banks of a few thousand dollars. One day they call their shot, when they learn that the robbers of a jewellery store are pros. Everybody else of the department comes to fill in the void and that fight starts at the funeral of these two rocking cops. In come the Other guys (Walhberg and Ferrell). One is hot-headed and the other one is so cool ~ that he never minds hearing bad words for him. Mostly from his partner. He gets a chance to get into the cop picture while he pursues a guy who might lead them to the robbery case. and rest all is how they make sure that the culprits are punished.

The story and dialogues were good. Overall a nice watch on a sunday afternoon.
The other was : Nacho Libre.
A monk likes wrestling and doing shit stuff. Gets a partner. and helps to run an orphanage, which has a beautiful nun ~ on whom he has secretly developed a liking. Funny premise, and good entertainment.  The color shades of this movie are too far different from those bright ones we say in the  movies. Just a don’t mind kind of thing.  Jack Black is so funny in this pic.

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