what life teaches us?

aha.. new topic as per WordPress #postaday challenge.

well sort of everything. but its inconclusive most of the times. until the end arrives. might be.

depressive? you can say so. but i don’t understand how spending about 3 decades of life, i have known something too fully to understand it. concepts just come and go and lie goes on. this is it.

we are in awe for a moment if something different happens, just like a smart phone ad pops up while reading a website. but that joy is short-lived when its competitor says of releasing a new version of the newly developed technology and software piece of shit and takes the amazement out of our minds. how much times will these things appear.

being in nature, was the first amazement of humans and it still is. i just saw some photographs on freshly pressed, and seems that it would have been amazing to be there. but these photos were taken from an air flight. this brings back an incident from past when i and a friend had gone to the local commissioner office for something official and there was a dam and its long backwaters.

we went in the backwaters and it was so silent that it created fear for quite a time in my mind.

the another thing was the star party ~ where we didn’t sleep for the whole night and watched the sky from a remote village about 30-40 kms away from the city. watching the stars and planets was so much fun. how much have they changed? is there jupiter version 2.1 coming? seriously, isn’t that funny.

another day had went to a Krishna temple, where the clerk of the famous movement asked me of my style of living, thoughts, and all. he said that a new chief had joined leaving his salary paying him millions of rupees but giving him no relief from job. this guy was so tense with all the tensions of everyday life, he left the thought of EMIs (car, a residence, etc) and all that stuff which comes for a man in the age of 30’s. bravo myh boyh!!!

i am not damn sure about this give and take policy but like Krishna says to Uddhava ~ or Saintly figures would say to normal humans like us – count on that things which would you take with your soul. the other day i had a verbal duel with a friend after he took up the issue of politicians reaping money from public projects – are they taking the gold with them to heavens, for God’s sake?



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