Anna looses his cool.

well the aam  aadmi’s (common man’) government as Cong had touted itself is under fire from the Anna Hazare. And if his words are to be believed,

RALEGAN SIDDHI: Ralegan Siddhi: Social crusader Anna Hazare on Tuesday put the Congress Party on notice, warning that he would appeal to voters in five states that go to polls next year not to back it if the UPA government failed to bring and adopt the Jan Lokpal bill in the winter session of Parliament. 

It’s such a possible thing now in the current indian political scenario that many things have changed since last election.

  • Congress had laid down a basis for people to select and them and they never followed. Food, Shelter and oil prices are increasing so much ~ people are almost paying 50% more for petrol (gas) if compared with the price that of 2 years back.
  • Corruptions and scandals always seem less. 2G, commonwealth games for Cong and Yeddy and Mining for BJP, nobody seems to give up money if they are ruling. Either in state or at the center.
  • BJP had a known face of AB Vajpayee, now who? LK Advani and Narendra Modi are popular partially. They fall less of creating a tsunami that ABV’ji created a few years back. RSS never seemed to be interested in politics but they try to cope up with the internal matters of this party, nonetheless. We are in deficiency of a strong opposition.
  • Regional parties are playing cards. You pay for me to be with you. Or I will trump you in the next regional elections. Multiparty system seems a boon to them, what else can be said. We are still short of more 400+ parties, by which one MP will come from his own constituency! Cash for Vote will be legalised in a few years.
  • Meanwhile, the desi chamcha’s are gathering wind for the to be PM candidate. Emails of him being no-so-good are already going spiral and must have been through the globe many a times. Can’t say anything now as he hasn’t got fame due to his elocution / public speaking or charisma. Maharaja culture has long gone, but entered India through another door. the Neta culture. Husband passes, give his wife the ticket. Father passes, get his son to be elected. Reason : the unknown reasons will still be kept in secret. teri bhi chup meri bhi chup (you keep quiet, i will too!). funny.

 Well, Anna’s FB account has been a huge hit, his blog has also started. Lets wait and watch.  If this seems to be turn around after 60 years or just another beginning of the same age old story.


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