A Day in and a Day out! – a poem

stop dreaming, wake up buddy

sun is shining above, get ready for the duty.

brush, bathe and all things,

forget you are human, just a robotic being.

catch the bus or go by bike,

if you get on time or do what you like (to get there).

work, work all the day,

till the evening comes in the way.

eat drink and relax now,

you never get to dream, ha?

what will be special tomorrow, you think,

but let’s face what comes my way.

the day comes and goes away.

months and years pass by,

you feel the ageing no matter, why?

what was i running for mate? you ask a friend

he says, i don’t know. have you gone insane?

was it family, movies and fun to live for,

i don’t know where i landed on!

time comes now and goes by,

you never know, from when are you here and why?

i don’t know when i opened my eyes,

i don’t remember my first few years,

but as the time i spent by, some (people)  bought me happiness,

some dear ones passed by bringing me tears.

it’s all is continuing, no matter who leaves or arrives,

the world still deteriorates and thrives.

so what have you lived for then?

i close my eyes and look within.

breathe in and breathe out, my mind becomes still,

it’s all dark in here and no words could make it feel.

they say there’s light in here of Divine,

they say that sounds come by on the ears,

some fragrances of somewhere distant come by,

and you can capture your fears.

it takes a lot of practice and concentration

results aren’t easier to achieve

so master’s arrive in the picture

the students give a sigh of relief.

He asks to take it easy,

all is well within your reach

I have lit the light in you

You will reach there at ease.


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