dream is collapsing


it’s a feel of guilt which makes one to look back at his past and recognize his bad as well as good works. words would be another option for works in the previous sentence. i am not so precise how it would be feeling at the last moment of being human and shifting to a soul, but it has more to do with the things (karma)  of this life. as we don’t know about the previous lives (~ both good and bad for us) it just this birth’s movie clips which might be played in a moment or a few seconds or some minutes.

how painful, it must be. seeing 4 generations (lucky ones!) of their grandparents, their parents, themselves and their children ~ in the form of a trailer?  can’t visualize it at the moment but feels the same as if the whole life must seem to be passing in the matter of a few seconds.

an uncle who himself is an astrologer, asked if we could find a clue to the wrong doings of previous birth and settle the karma and its results – right now. bringing him (us) out of that cycle. there are astro sciences to get a solution, but nobody would tell it all in public.

it seems so much of memories. formatting would have been an easy option – if humans were like computers, but here man has feelings of his own.

by the way, 4 generations means 4 different lifestyles.

those who are now in their eighties would have much more memories of day-to-day life – in British India, then the struggles for independence, the era after independence of majority government and  finally the coalition democracy fair / circus (which is now today). not to forget the emergency in between at the interval of 3rd and 4th quarters. ohh. seems wild to go through this ride.

even the lifestyles have changed so much. technological advances we might say.

even the way of talking, meetings and overall things related to social sciences – with the advancement of technology. children were more in numbers, lesser number of children survived due to diseases. there was less money to spend for a whole family and movies were attended once in a year – if the family head liked it to. career had to be adjudged by the family head and if he allowed – you could search for and join a job.

even prior to this generation, there were rituals all over the day. less to run here and there just enjoy a cool life without much hullabaloo. all things straight. now a days all things are virtual. want to pray, pay some money and get someone pray for you – to have the benefits of that prayers for you :). omg.

education must have seemed a boon to them. while 4 generations later, west world is coming here for Sanskrit and we are shifting our focus to IT. funny.

More on feelings, promises kept and forgotten, bitter or sweet relationships must give us a hard time at the end.

in the meanwhile, before finally publishing it, i had a second thought on it. what about the dreams of the person who is passing away? where do they go? do they vanish? the one who passes away, leaves his/ her legacy – to whom? do his dreams get carried away to his heir? what if the heir has his own dreams. are they all co related?  where does the soul go – if the people in this frame of earth are related to them (now in another frame)?

do dreams having the old persons (not present now) get the souls back to us? is that real? dreams sometimes show the future, so if an individual seen in the dream but had passed away present at the time of thing happening? can it be felt?

Seems that life is more like a paradox, seems true, but is never there and Death is real, never in vision but always there.

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  1. Len Nowitzke says:

    “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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