utterances of one’s mind written down.

there are no complete person’s as times would say and bring forward. delusions have always been the way forward of the times, bringing in some weird good thoughts that good will happen if you do good, no matter what it results into.

they say yin and yang co-exist – might be true. but i have so optimistic about the whole white part with no dark spots. seems unfair to me, but it makes the concept true. sometimes, or at least most of the times. there are blots of dark on the white part of the circle. and they are huge. times show that they exist and they are affecting my mind and being.

should i stay at what i am ~ being delusional? or would you say optimistic?

there are no magical ways that today’s masters are willing to do. or are they capable of doing so?

patience is what they will seek you to depend on. what duration, sir? no answer. patience is like a keyword protected by the lord for the use of masters to be used till eternity. or for a followers quest on his being a no-man to someone he desires to be or on a position he desires to be on. patience is the key. till when?

kid, don’t panic. somehow a friends answers midway, to the same question. look out for the position you were in some 5-6 years before and compare it with your position today. feel ok? time gives an answer he says. but what i am to do now to progress more quickly? no answer.

somehow, all guy’s of my age are shifting their thoughts on fate or the luck factor as we all say. but to which extent?  time will answer, yes. but it will do so in tomorrow. of today’s karma. so what you are doing now results in to tomorrow’s being.

being in the “live” moment has two thought processes.

  • you be in the present tense completely. forget the past.
  • you bring in the past, and still work in the present.

the first prcess is difficult to achieve as you are never – ever completely in the present tense of time, as you have some parts of past and future driving your attention.

the second one, is the way one which most of us go onto – as its achievable, but has huge problems realted to it.

one of it is bias, which affects the decisions you take. it all depends up on your past. happier the moments you relish upon, easier the decision making, and vice versa. the past if happens to be difficult hampers the present and thus affects the coming future too.





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