something new

as it has happened luck has again made a sandwich and has swallowed me in the process. all the routine has dwindled.

the new phase has just begun and yet i am unnerved to get into it. stability and its fondness create unknown pressures for me. the phase comes in – i get anxious, hesitate to get into the vehicle and get adjusted into it ~ after a while. the phase comes to an end and i won’t believe it has ended ~ somehow again repeating the above process as the new phase begins.

just read an article about Steve Jobs and the way he got forward ~ in each and every situation. awesome.

the word maturity isn’t good when somebody tells you, that you think like a too matured guy (but hesitate to act like the thoughts). this bridge is causing problems i guess. this is where my mind goes ahead but not heart or vice versa. don’t know when they will rise together.  well falling of creates troubles for the other.

this was one thing that one friend noticed while i talked with her, her dad feeling the same situation and had left reading of a particular subject.  as he, like me, saw the end of the subject first. the book cannot be judged by the cover can be agreed, but you can judge it by how it ends or how you end up while finishing the book, tells her dad. ooh. did you just read my brain, uncle, hah?

the way things are imagined can be different from how they materialize up in this real world. or their components which have co-relations between each other.

if you didn’t respond to a thing while imagining – can go unnoticed and doing the same in real world can create problems. that’s what i am into. getting into unknown troubles for not thinking too much about more important aspects of life and thinking too much about virtual non-existent things. and now deciding to get back to real world.

the way in which the years of life can be summed up, they seem to be a few moments of time-span, where as around 30 years, or 3 decades have passed by and just a few years went unnoticed – in no mans land. life you think can be full, but at times you can think of it as a total waste of time. there are just a few moments which are really memorable, most of the important ones are forgotten or are asked to the mind to do so, some which can’t be erased.

man, get into something new, to create some new flavours. after all, white is the colour of light, but we see different colours. all i need is a new prism

being dumbfounded doesn’t help and won’t help anymore. friends have always been there and have done that right thing. but sometimes mind gets diverted as it has another things in its plans. to follow who ~ is the giant question. relatives, hah, have contacted less, i guess. so to count on them or not has been a difficult question to answer. friends in and of –  every phase have been the basic building blocks for me.


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