well, this word wouldn’t be listed in dictionaries, but is hard-coded in our minds due to the memories from school – often followed by a chalk piece and curse words by one of our favorite school teachers Joseph Miss. (Miss is an equivalent here for Madam or school teachers!). Dongya was her call for the word Donkey! 

Joseph miss was our class teacher for 2-3 years somewhere around 6-9th classes in high school. Going to school was fun due to the friends we made at that time and the basics we learn.

Being mischevious and being in the top 5 at the same time isn’t such a difficult thing, somehow i feel as just a practise of few books was needed.

Punishments were like – standing on benches, then out of the class room, then in a kombdee position (like a cock / hen- half bend on knees and holding your ears with the hands), standing on knees, getting punishment of drawing scale on the knuckles, and what not. Homework used to be huge and time would be less for playing ground games, attending prayers at temples and then coming back home for watching TV – only one channel DoorDarshan (DD – the National TV Channel). DD Metro would need a separate connection and Regional Marathi Language was for a few hours.

It’s a funny thing that time runs so fast and we never know that years have passed out.

So, meeting Joseph miss was special, as I met her after 1999 for the first time. I never thought that she would be so seriously ill and was taken aback by the situation. She was detected with Myloma in 2008 and has to go regular chemotherapy and  radiations in cycles of every three months. There were marks on her hand as Plasma was going down and has to be injected again. Then other discussions continued.

The only ill feeling she had was of punishing the students – which i completely rejected, asking her to think it in a positive way, if somebody like me would have benefited from that punishments – by acting right the next time. She  thought otherwise, like nobody changes and cursed her for her punishments.

One of the girls she had recently met at a huge hospital – her Physiotherapist and was her school student and she proudly said that – while arguing that it was her punishments and tough discipline that made her realise that she had to do more and the target she had was a post higher than this teacher. funny but true.

Students should have high respects for their teachers, that was what was taught to us, and so still many will have her in high respects and thank her for the hard work she took on us. Mailing all classmates, few of the many we were in schools, the only thought i had was – how to write this to all?








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