Singham – Movie review

Singham Poster
Singham Poster


Well another movie from the jodi of Bollywood, Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, this time a serious action movie and not a mindless comedy film!

Singham (Devgn) is a good cop, has good support of people of his town Shivgad and law & order is followed in the town. One day, Jaykant Shikare (Prakash Raj), accused in a murder case, is asked to come to Singham’s village for attendance. he sends his men to finish the work, but they all get punished by Singham. He then comes up at the police station to show his power but  inturn is insulted by the people of Shivgad who stand firm behind Singham. To take revenge of his insult, he takes Singham to his own place, by issuing transfer orders.

The place where Singham will work, is shown to be the same place, where a clean officer (Kadam, played by Roy) has committed suicide due to the same person, Shikare. Singham meets Kadam’s widow (Sonali Kulkarni) and has to escalate the matters and face oppositions and insults as they all say the case is closed.

Meanwhile, Singham also has fallen in love, with Kajal and she supports his cause. All changes, after one day Kajal’s sister is kidnapped by Shikare’s men. The rest is how the system can change itself, if it wants to.

Overall, the film is good as Devgn fits good in the character he plays, Shikare is played superbly by Prakash Raj. Infact, the villain’s role seems to be too overloaded than the hero’s – both in screen presence and dialogues – and Prakash Raj plays it well. Kajal has less time on-screen as this is a cop movie. Sonali Kulkarni, Ashok Saraf , Sachin Khedekar, Govind Namdeo are good in their roles. You sometimes can think if this was running parallel with Wanted or Dabaang.

The songs are few in number – just 3, so Ajay Atul get a less scope other than background score for this movie. My Friend Pinto is thier next. Just the title track of this movie rocks, Saathiya is another good track.

Controversies are now a new-found way of marketing and this movie had generated them too – Karnataka vs. Maharashtra, Prakash Raj’s few dialogues mention this rivalry and was a cause of controversy before this film was released.

A Good watch.


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