Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Movie review

Zindagi na milegi dobara Poster
Zindagi na milegi dobara Poster

those who left college – about say a 10 years back – are still stuck to the belief that Dil Chahta Hain – was the best’est of films on friends and friendships as was Sholay for the previous generation.

Zoya Akhtar tries to create the same magic with this pic, but this idea falters at execution. something missing, may be – Aamir’s character’s oversmartness, or Aamir – Preity chemistry, of the lead trio’s chemistry? whatever, this one feels lacking in something.

This film starts with Kabir’s (Abhay Deol) marriage plans and the one thing the 3 friends had made a pact of doing sometime after the college. He insists on Imran (Farhan) to come to Spain, only person missing at the engagement function is Arjun (Hritik) who is now in the UK, trading shares all the times. After a few calls – Arjun agrees, this is parallelly shown with his break up with his GF – who thinks – he has less time for her than money.

The trip is planned to Spain, where each 1 of the 3 will choose a sport, the other 2 left to take part in it.

The flashbacks come back and go, where we get the idea of how each character has developed from an unknown point (this is where the film’s plot runs shallow). Every character has some fears to overcome and  these sports become the vehicles of their overcoming the fears.

The film is beautiful in every frame once Spain comes into picture, and the local festivals are neatly pictured.

Music is also on the positive side of this film, Shankar Ehsaan Loy rocking this time too. Khaabon ke Parinday being my favorite track with Ik Junoon.

The film lacks pace, solid Dialogues  and some substance – where the friendship between the 3 leads should have been established, which somehow never happens. Just to compare, it happens the same way – like Due Date happened after The Hangover.

The film scores on the philosophical part, where each lead, first fails to express his fears –  then faces it, overcomes the fear and then thanks his friends! All circle is completed and friends are joined together for their lives. Again.

Overall, a good watch, could have been better.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. mohsinazir says:

    nice movie

    1. shekharonline says:

      yes, i had liked it too.

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