The Hangover part 2- Movie review

from a series of drafts pending to be published.


Hangover Part 2 Poster
Hangover Part 2 Poster

Stu (Dr. Stuart Price) decides to marry in Thailand and all the 3 guys meet and with Alan also joining the “wolf-pack”. Things turn around when the “to-be” brother-in-law of Stu goes missing after they had a talk at the beach the previous night.

This movie was funny, but far less than the original part.

The leads – Ed Helms, Cooper and Zach must have become good friends in the meanwhile, Justin Bartha, like in the original, plays the good guy in this one too.  The background music was good in part1, not in this one. 

Overall, this movie is just like a photocopy of the original one, but becomes boring as the fun moments never look original like the first part.



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