life’s playing a catch up!

finally, i am on another point where i have many roads ahead. : yes, parents are forcing a lot and 28 isn’t a raw age at last to avoid some of the many things – which are to be at least done once in the life time – marriage, they say! ahh. poor guy.

changes on professional front : this one’s has been waiting for a long time and i never know when i am ready for a change. wait and watch – was what i thought all times, but things are getting worse for better. have been on the same profile for a long period, seems that changes are ready to hit me, but how?

places : the place where i am staying right now, has to be vacated till end of next month. chance for a new location? sharing with others again?? never know. i have no idea how to go about this, this time and its all raam bharose (left to God) now.

so all in all, a messed up situation again. lets c.


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