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Singham poster - graphically enhanced.
Singham poster - graphically enhanced.


there was “Singham” in news yesterday. not coz of the movie, but due to the work of a graphic artiste who mixed it up superbly with the shyish PM’s face and ajay devgn’s body – specially bulit up for this part. and not being overjoyed by this mixup (yes, a good physique and strong dialogue delivery – i am yet to see this movie) – the national party is going to take action and ban this clip from the internet. the leader doesn’t speak up with the media much often and there’s nothing to question about the physique if you are in the lower house of the parliament or on a mich higher post. hah. this video has been a huge craze on facebook and has gone viral in last week. i remember watching it and many might have already reshared it..


A Youtube video of Singham’s trailer with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s blue-turbaned head on Ajay Devgn’s shoulders has gone viral, raising city Congress hackles enough for them to go to the cops.

i am on the mode of thinking which ends up that are we being forced into another emergency? the young generation has not yet faced any emergency (that last one was imposed by 1975’s government). think of the situations coming on and around us.

anna hazare and baba ramdev try to motivate people to come together and fight for the black money, which they think to be helpful to the “aam aadmi”. anna’s fast is politically challenged and ends up with mixed results. baba’s fast is suppressed with force and he and his followers are attacked. his close aide goes missing and has now a pile of charges upon him.  anna did it politically correct, where as baba faltered due to less practise of fast and may be due to some $ practices which haven’t surfaced yet. and there’s a lot of money involved – when a trust is formed. so audits, balance sheets and what not – will be rechecked again.

bjp – has nothing to loose – as it has already lost more in last 5 years. the karnataka cm was found guilty in the cases against him and is sacked. rediff has a slideshow yesterday with an interview – that the illegal mining was worth 1,22,000 Crores !!! this party has lost a prime motivational figure after AB Vajpayee went out of the picture and LK Advani tried to fit into his shoes. “tried to”. the ruling party has many new faces cropping up every time the ministers are declared or when elections come up. think of the youngest member of parliament or the youngest ministerial candidate. or the next pm in waiting and where do you have them.


Shocking! Rs 12,228 cr lost in illegal ore exports

Vicky Nanjappa goes through Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde’s explosive report on illegal mining in the state and reveals damning figures of corruption.


A jaw-dropping Rs 12,228 crore worth of iron ore was illegally exported in a a span of four years (2006-2010), says Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santhosh Hegde in his report released a couple of days back which led to Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa’s exit.




oh, the next one. th next to be pm . his candidacy is not questioned but a leading actress while being questioned about how do you feel about this country answered, why am i being asked about like is everytime. i like this country like you all. but why ask me again and again, just due to my citizenship, being half indian. just like a party’s supremo? or a future to be something… now supremo isn’t english but a portugese word. oh Katrina. you messed up with the wrong guys. see the persons who left the party just for the sake of the supremo are now supporting it. power. and money. or whatever.


Image from Pune Mirror.


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