Dukes Nose

life’s a mess. Or should i say always ends up in.

hell yes, but i have to agree more with above.

was busy with the guru poornima utsav last week, then had a busy saturday – a quick visit to my old friend – he’s a dentist by the way! and admissions to the international business course in business management college. well when all goes as per plans, you have a schedule to follow. hah. and some cleaning at home. yes. with the usual saturday chores as well. why are the weekend days just 24 hours long? or i m complaining more, a bit ?

Dukes nose
Dukes nose

sunday, hah, well started too early. it was 4 years back a colleague had asked for a trip to Dukes Nose, a one day trek near Khandala. i had been there when i was in school, yes i know ‘coz of the photographs. those familiar with me would agree on my “forgetting a lot” problems. mobile has been a huge boon – reminders facility! so coming back to Khandala, i woke up at 4:30 hrs that too on a sundayand left for the train from house at around 5:40 hours. about 200 people had gathered on the railway station for the trek. i was amazed by the popularity of this trek at the same moment. we boarded the sinhgad express and landed at khandala at around 7:30 hours. had a heavy breakfast of a few patties and started for the trek. greenery and greenery all along. was missing this feeling for a long time. my friend’s classmate – now an army major – became an instant friend at the shivajinagar (pune) railway station itself. we started to climb the mountain and at around an hour so hour and a half we were at the waterfall.

dukes nose waterfall
dukes nose waterfall

i am so in the box person, that i sat at a rock rather than getting into the waterfall stream. the first incident was an unexpected one. an old man – or two  lost their balance and slipped on the route of the waterfall. the guys with us were ready for such kind of instances. while one was ready to hold this man’s legs, his hands came in near to hold the rock – on which i sat. suddenly and unknowingly, i got ahead and caught his hands and for a while he was inside water – unable to come up and breathe (which i do too, in case i am in waters – as i dont know how to swim!) one of his friends was the other one to have the same experience a few moments after.

dukes nose 2
dukes nose 2

while all this was happening it was continuously raining. yes, uninterrupted. we saw mrunmayi deshpande – of kunku serial was with add-venture group (think so!). on the way to the waterfall made some more friends. the whole day, i would rather leave my trekker friend and his gang and these people and i were a group at the same instant. hmm. unbelievable but true.

so after dancing in the waterfall and some full immersion jumps (dubki‘s) we were told to start the next patch. it was about a km – walk with a few rock patches. some had to be crossed with the support of ropes. once the mountain was climbed full on, we had the time for lunch and the group sat down. water was already over all the clothes and now, the things i had bought – bread and a ketchup bottle – were somewhat wet and freezing cold… somehow i managed to end the packet of bread loaf with the help of the group and had some food from my group members!  And on the top is a Shiv’ji’s mandir.

dukes nose 3
dukes nose 3

after an hour – we started to come down from the mountain, and rains which had stopped for a few minutes, started again. hah. water and water all over again. a dog who got some bread from the boys – started to follow the trekkers. another stop was at a school on the village (Kurvande) at the base. and then a walk – to the Lonavla train station (about 20 minutes to half an hour- it depends on the invidual after the whole day of stress!).

leading the walk bought me and two ther fellows some time to buy the famous Maganlal’s chikki (a sweet of crushed groundnut, jaggery and cardamom – which is one of the many choices @ Maganlal’s) and some tea and a snack. we had tea again at the station and left for the city with the next local. and reached city at almost 8 pm had dinner somehow – self made.

the crowd was amazing as we saw from the top about half a km’s line was already waiting to get to the waterfall. all in all – a fun to vouch for every year and a must go – if you are stressed out from the busy (and daily repetitive  same) routine!

And now Aati kya Khandala (a favorite song) became more favorite!!!

pictures from Goog Search, sources 1, 2, 3


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  1. PK says:

    NICE LOOK MAN!!!! liked this UI !!!!!!!!!!!

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