Harry Potter and what we learned (again!)

the way the series develops, is just like the part development of any child. the part of hogwarts is just like the school. now whats wizardry? this can’t be defined in some other terms, but didn’t you feel the magic when we had the first chemistry lessons in school. the first science practical literally explained and you felt like this is so magical! 🙂 seems magic at that time. and even after reading the books when every new subject is brought into the series.

harry potter’s series also defines the way children conceive their parents and elders – be it dumbledore – instead of the grandparents – which are never shown in the series for harry (or any character – except longbottom  i guess). harry is in dire need of support and direction and has nobody to ask for in the fight of good vs. the evil. even the children develop themselves too far from their roles of being just students after joining dumbledore’s army.

hmm, next one, was racism. some news carried it, but it was just a bit of too much for me. as artists are inborn so do wizards. lets consider that.. debate over.

the main concept for which the whole scenario gets created was life and death. voldemort gets locked in seven different horcruxes (bodies/ things which act as a carries for a part of his soul), tries to defy death and gets back due to the love and affection of a mother for her son (harry) and has to fight him to get his life back. as death is inevitable, the series ends on the same note, as good defeats the bad, and life prevails over death through the generations that come!!!

the media – books and films are different forms of art so the pleasures enjoyed while going through the narrative in both mediums can be a different experience. just can’t be compared.

the books try to ask the reader – hey visualise as per your thoughts. every reader and the writer herself, can have a different scene going on in the mind.

the films however are trapped in the reach of the technology, the way the visualisations can be carried forward or sometimes a scene or two or an entire portion of the book can be deleted while filming – just due to the length of the movie. the books have all this surplus fun. and its difficult to narrate the whole thousand pages on screen in just two hours or an hour extra. budgets imcrease.. and many other things deviate due to larger than life thoughts to be portrayed onscreen.

well, it all started here and it all ends here… same like the Raj Kapoor song..



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