Delhi Belly – Movie Review


Delhi Belly Poster
Delhi Belly Poster

this  is a fun film – filled too much  adult cadre jokes. the music of the film has already created waves, and yes, the film matches the expectations it raised due to the excitement its music created.  yesterday’s night show was full to an extent – mostly with young guys!

the plot goes like this – three guys stay at an old place in Delhi, one is a reporter – Tashi, another one a Cartoonist – Arup (Vir Das) and the funniest and clever one is a Photographer – Nitin . Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapur) has a habit of eating roadside food and which creates the problem of Delhi Belly – yeah it’s the name of an illness. Tashi’s (Imran) GF has a bag to handover, unknown to all three chaps and this gal – that it has diamonds of about 2 Crores (200 Million Rs.) except the smugglers and the mailing agent – gets replaced with the bag of shit samples and thats how shit happens.

Direction of this movie is better than Game – another movie by Abhinay Deo. The dialogues in hindi are good, but according to bro, watching English version was more fun. Music is awesome.  The 2 songs of all are only pictured as a part , rest all act with Background score.

Acting of all guys is rock solid. Vir Das could have more scenes- after all he’s such a brilliant stand up comedian. Imran is cool, Kunal could get good offers, he’s lot to offer. Shenaz and Poorna have less to do. Vijay Raaz suits in his role.

With the first three sol(i)d opening days, we guys thought the movie budget might have been already recovered :).

I am in love with the Tere Siva song.. its picturised so nicely – in different sequences – you are certainly bound to hear it again and again. Ram Sampath – Rocks!

Overall a nice watch (for guys)! man, you can’t just go to the cinema hall with your family for this one!


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