Google’s new avatar

Google’s new avatar

Oh, wow, until now you might have recognised some new features in Google of today

  • a different theme like display for the whole page, the text color also appears in a different format (not all in blue! but grey and slightly dark saffron)
  • three different colour shades for the header (+ logo in it), the search text box and the search results area.
  • +1 feature to recommend it. seems like equivalent of fb’s “like” feature! the icon has a flash like effect, when you point the mouse on the result (.gif?) (Social networking is the next priority!!)
  • the icons are in gray color too!
  • Prompting feature now has many more help, and your earlier search words might have been stored too, try making the same search after you login, google shows the previous date you visited the same page. somehow i did get a wrong date once /twice, after finding out, i never did open that page before.

However, the results still show up in blue!

And, you cannot right click and open the other links of the top bar (Web, Images, Maps, News…)  in seperate tabs! I tried it in wordpress and its possible.


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