X Men First Class: Movie Review

X-Men First Class Movie Poster
X-Men First Class Movie Poster

Oh gosh, another supernatural powers movie. It makes me doubt how we humans have cast a spell of being “powerless” on ourselves. This movie is the prequel to the X Men series and takes the narrative to the evolution of mutants.

As the story goes, we have Sebastian Shaw trying to have a third world war mixed with the historical Cuban missile crisis. In between, the mutants meet each other after a CIA operative – Rose, catches Shaw of plotting to end the humans with a war triggered with the help of nuclear missiles.

We meet Professor Charles Xavier (The X in X Men!)  in between played by James McAvoy, who meets Rose and starts tracing other mutants while having an eye on the activities of Shaw. He meets Magneto attacking the ship of Sebastian Shaw but warns him to stay calm and patient.

Sebastian Shaw has his team, Xavier makes his team and they meet at the ocean waters when the world is on the verge of another war! Mutants vs. mutants (of other side)  and humans agree  to end them anyhow.. except Xavier who thinks otherwise, that they can still be together.. Can he save all? Rest is best seen onscreen.

The acting of the lead pair, magneto and X is good. Rest all have less time on-screen.

May be its the right time to visit the series again, now!

Hugh Jackman has a cameo appearance, when X is enlisting the soldiers of his mutant army!



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