Whats your rashee? Movie Review

Whats your raashee?
Whats your raashee?

As I am also in the process of finding a (“perfect”) partner, a cousin asked me to have 2-3 things done before I take the matters in hand seriously.
One of the longest tasks in these was watching the movie – Whats your rashee? (rashee= zodiac sign) – about 3-4 hours.

The story goes like this..

A guy – Yogesh has studied in US, done his masters degree in Business Admin and working as a part time DJ. His brother messes it up some hundred millions of Rupees in bad land deals and there’s just one way.  Sell out Yogesh’s maternal grandfather’s agricultural land, for which he has nominated Yogesh as his heir and a condition has been put – Yogesh should marry first. So a nice premise set. Yogesh’s uncle has a match making company and he sets an advertise for Yogesh and has tremendous replies –as  Yogesh is an NRI going to settle in Chicago in US!! Ah come on.

The movie goes forward as he gets a book to read also titled Whats your Rashee? And decides to meet 1 lady (his soon to be bride) of each zodiac sign.

The rest of the movie is how a lady (can also be a man facing a woman) pretends to be in front of Yogesh. The permutations and combinations make up the matter more confusing for Yogesh as he sees the same face in all the ladies he admires and starts liking many of them!

Acting of the lead pair is ok dokey, as Harman Baweja gets into the mould quite easily and Priyanka Chopra has to change the roles 12 times, in which she impresses in a few ones. The music fails to impress, but would have been a strong point if it had been done by either ARR or SEL. Su Chhe and Aaja lehrate have been appreciated.  Director – Ashutosh Gowarikar – like always –impresses by showing us the long story – which can be summed up in narrating in just under 10 minutes.

Overall a best timepass if you have ample time and this movie is coming on the television set/ you have a CD or DVD purchased already.

The movie tanked @ the box office due to the run time (211 minutes!) and the daily soap like structure (12 episodes in the same movie!).

Wikipedia says that the movie was an adapted version of US-based Gujrati writer Madhu Rye’s novel Kimball Ravenswood.

Some points i found missing:

  • This movie doesn’t highlight / didn’t – use of social networking / web search methods to track the partner’s things online. If you have a facebook account Yogesh Patel, or any character played by Priyanka, it would have been easy for Yogesh to easily checkout the partners lifestyle. chutki mein pol khol!
  • In Social Network, Eduardo Saverin has to face the heat from his GF for still showing his status single!!

Image from Wikipedia.


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