delhi belly music review

i liked bhaag d k bose, the day it came on the television sets. it somehow tells us the way today’s youth thinks of the current situation. run betaji run… its a kinda a rock music feel to it.

the other songs i liked were

i hate you – like i love you.. its the song of the 1980’s style – where the instruments are  used heavily and also has a qawwali feel. aamir khan takes in the mike in between to have some fun (dil todu haddi bhi, kumfu khelu kabaddi bhi!). interesting. i like it more when the song takes pace.

switty tera pyaar… the punjabi folk music accompanies with a hiphop style.. remixed with punk rock style.

jaa chudail… video reminds me of mithunda.. this one might be amazing to watch in full.


tere siva – the romantic song of this album and probably of the year too. ram sampath sings this track with tarannum malik and its impression is quite hard on mind and at heart. absolutely in love with this one. the only thing – this was not in the promos – as this song runs in background in the movie and gives out some interesting things – which none would have asked for before the movie’s release.

 bedardi raja – this is funny to watch on screen and like above was not promoted too. the remix version is much better!

aamir is thinking of a sequel as the news suggest today and with the title “disco fighter”!!!

the videos are different than the overall bollywood tree- dance types, and the main theme of this album rests on fusion of two or more types of music. the lyrics add to the flavour of the songs..


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