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Game Poster
Game Poster

A rich business person, Malhotra decides to trap the 3 persons involved in a crime related to one of his (illegal) daughter, from a twin pair.  The other being the 4th character played by shahana goswami, his second daughter. the 3 people include a casino owner, who used her to sell drugs in turkey, a malaysian prime ministerial candidate – boman irani –  already having problems for funding of his election – of having sold her for a few bucks, and jimmy shergill – accused of murdering her in india. suddenly anupam kher’s character dies and then neil menon (ab jr.) goes on a killing spree. kangna ranaut plays a cop trying to follow ab jr.

the pace is good, however, the dialogues and the story put the picture down after a certain period..

somehow, you can guess the end of the movie, just before half an hour, and yes – it comes right.

abhinay deo does a good job.

i wasn’t believing its a farhan akhtar’s production as many things which come through his movies were all missing, – except good visuals.

abhinay deo’s next directorial venture – delhi belly is already making waves – due to the d k bose song.

must be a nice watch than this one. comparatively.


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