are we getting cheated with the numbers…..

its highly interesting topic we always do – daily! but never get into the depth of it..

Colin Firth was in news today, so i did go on to Google News’ UK page to have more detailed news. And what the results show was awfully similar with the results we daily get for normal Google searches. It’s so influential that the search engine name has been already listed into English verbs.

Somebody should rectify the results numbers atleast.

here we go..

Google News-1
Its the Google News UK page sect- Entertainment

Results show – about 177 articles.. note that number.


clicking on that green colored hyperlinks – gives us – just 35 articles listed… !!! about 140 articles lost in meantime for the latest news!!!


Google News-2
The main section for the same news... page 1

and the actual results….. just 33!!!

Google News-3
the final page with all the results listed.

so as the thought goes, don’t just rate the book by its cover…

the new thought would be – don’t just rate the search engine by the numbers!!

Congrats to Colin Firth for this achievement. I had liked The King’s Speech, and reviewed here.


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