Indian Uprising

there have been various protests before in this part of the world, called India and we as Indians are getting used to the “chalta hain” (let it be!) attitude. Our most famous lead actor tells people to say “all is well” and not to get into the rat race (oh come on, i am just using it in a different context!).

rather we should say, we are in a situation of having no ideal (& democratic leader) on the parliament left – for whose words people would come united for. it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee’ji when i was in the teens. People would be so impressed by his oratory skills – that  a crowd of about a hundred thousand people – would bear all the heat, rains and extreme weather – to hear his thoughts on the current government and the political stand the BJP (bharatiya janata party) have taken in the elections at that time.

Government formations in India has been a granted issue, for the ones taking births in a ceratin family. may they fall short of being good leaders, they are bound to get elected with the highest margin of votes, which election year may be it be, from a bunch of selected constituencies. These constituencies being like a home ground of a cricket player, he’s bound to play good at that pitch as its all where it started for him.

Cricket like all the games famous in other parts of the world, has a huge fan following and now the $$$ investments in the Indian Premier League play a huge part in the entertainment ratio we get from the game. Its $$$ where the politicians run, first it was thought to be education, and the colleges became money minting facilities. Now its the League, and poiliticians haven’t left that too. One other “rebel” league was started, actually prior than the original league, but all is hell when its “unofficial” . I am leaving cricket for now as hat would be another topic.

Like all citizens, baba ramdeo is a citizen of this country and he has a right to ask certain questions, if we can consider the governance under Democracy. If not, whats the difference between the oldest democracy that Obama lauds when the PM and Obama meets and then when he goes back carries out an assualt missions on the most wanted list of the terrorist organizations. whats the difference in being democratic and in dictatorship when one killes the wanted in other’s territories, and this government fires tear gas shells, asks cops to lathicharge and vandalize the whole scene in just a nights time.

are we yet to become a more “matured” democracy even after 60 + years of freedom or like my old age Dentist says – the Britishes were more hard workers and kind than the current batch of ba$tards!!! i cant compare as i wasn’ t there in the previous emergency – but this generation has seen less of it as the ideologies are sinking quite easily! there are less people to lead from the front and less people standing behind their own party ideologies.

it had been good if baba ramdeo would have had “acted” prior to the speech he gave yesterday. that where he and Veer Savarkar, Subhash Chandra Bose and many would have differed. they would have stopped the goons from entering the protests itself. Doing a massacre at the level of Jalianwala Bagh is different than actually comparing it to the level of the previous day’s actions on the protests.

like all the protests in India failed to uplift to the national level, this protest too seems to be failing at the same juncture, its spread from the day it started. and oh yes, we salaried people are more concerned towards the fate of the children, the food we will have today, – and similar smaller things more than the country needs at the current hour from each of us.

its the being happy what may come – thinking approach – than to rather build a better nation – taking grip into our minds. the goals may be different, the first a short term goal, and the other long term goal. But until when=, we would dodge the same questions again and again?


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