Baba Ramdeo and Anna’s fasts continue

and yes here we are in this state of shitty politics where the followers of the Mahatma are endlessly charging the silent marchers nad protestors. like in the middle east and arab states, the unrest has caught up with us too. the issues –  many.

inflation rates out of control, corruption – setting newer trends with every new term of the party forming the government, the issues of common”wealth” being eaten by a few politicos.

the visuals we had on the news about the lathi charge (beating with the canes by the cops) to the protestors at the ramlila grounds in delhi would have even made the mahatma cry.. this is where the government should take precautions of not to attack with force.

the other way of the stories being discussed are that ramdeo and anna fasts – both with different issues – are not heading towards the same goal – but are backed up by two different groups of politicians. what the hell. when one starts – he emerges the hero and receives a lot of fanfare. the other comes in takes all the publicity and media hype and suddenly is taken away from the picture in the middle of the night to emerge at his own place the next day. many rules are broken down as per the government in this protest as the ground was asked for a different use and other purposes were fulfilled by breaking the laws.

baba ramdeo has a magnetic persona and a strong backing from different sectors of the society – however – its difficult to handle the media people. he might have known it by now – i guess. some of them – might be biased too. this can be told by the reporting of the same incidents with two different thoughts applied.

the other most – blown out of proportion – news issue – was that of the shoe thrower – at the press meet at the congress bhavan, however the guy (mr. kumar) was caught midway and was so badly kicked in front of the media persons and the police that i thought that these people should also be booked for causing a harm to that guy. the situation keeps on getting more bad day by day and like every common man – many are praying for god to take his avatar now – to kick this dirt out.

bjp came out in support of the baba after he was attacked and prior to which – on stage –  he applauded the work of the rss and praised their thinking, while also advising others of the many scholars from different religions who had come on stage for this protest.

an economics professor from aurangabad has tried to spread the message of removing the big currency notes from circulating in market – to stop the black money – travelling hand to hand and improve the taxation schemes, but that stories are still ignored (from previous decade or more) until a person of the stature of baba ramdeo comes up.

lets c how this shapes up – in “democracy”  or if another emergency will be called – like it was some 3 decades back!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Baba ramdev & Mr. Anna hajare doing very well for our county. But government are not serios on this topic.
    Because every one polititions are curupt. so governmet trying to kill them & all sporter peoples.

    1. shekharonline says:

      its the problem of the system, sir. nobody wants to have a hard life with a 2 room house (which some of our older politicians did live in!) for the sake of this country and had a tough life. money comes easy – while passing a few tenders here and there and we have a chain of politicians who want this continued. lets keep praying for this system to change – fasst!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Baba ramdev & Anna hajare kaa anshan puritaraha barabar hain. Shayad isi karan se governmentne police ke saath milkar unke aandolanko kuchalneki koshish ki hai. kyon ki agar kaala dhan aur curruption par agar koi nayaa sakt kaanun government banati hain toh sabse pahale sarkar ke mantriyonki pol khulegi isiliye goverment nayaa kanun banane main intrest nahin dikha rahi hain. Aur jo uske khilaf aawaj utha rahein hain unhe bhi police ke madad se darane ki sajish kar rahi hain.

    1. shekharonline says:

      jiha, yahi sahi hain, har koi apni baat ko “prove” karne me jut gaya hain. aam admi pehle se hi badhti mehengayee se pareshan ho gaya hain, aur uspe ki kadi hain bhrashtaachar. waise ye kala dhan desh ke kitne (din) kaam aayega pata nahi.

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