the pigeons

there have been pigeons coming in to the place where i live in from day one. this brings me the thoughts of eknathi bhagwat, a story where the avadhut (meaning sky as his clothes) narrates the story of his 24 gurus (masters) to yadu arjuna.

there’s a male one in the story who gets attracted to the female pigeon, they form a family, live together. the male one thinks about his partner all day long, not thinking anything about the external world. they go on to form a family, have kids. they travel far, each going  in different directions – for feeding their newborns loved ones with different kinds of food, which they may like.

one day a trap is set by a bird catcher, who sees the small ones making sounds, thinking that their parents might show up.

the kids while playing fall in the trap and die at once. their mother arrives first, seeing the scene thinks for a moment, cries and gives her up – for being to the same place – where her kids are.

the last one to arrive – their father – who also cries at the same scene, however pauses for a second and asks god to forgive him. for not remembering god – when he was free to go anywhere and live as per his will. and even after starting a family having completely forgotten him.

he asks for a new birth, where he can remember god and start a new life with his presence. he too, jumps in the trap and sacrifices his life.

the moral of the story is different from what we expect, it’s a tragedy – but then eknath asks god to be present with us everywhere and stop expecting, and start remembering him. take life as it comes. the story of all 24 is too long but that can be another topic too.

the marathi text is from (click here for the whole chapter)

नवल नरदेहाची ख्याती । रामनामाच्या आवृत्तीं ।
चारी मुक्ती दासी होती । तो देहो वेंचिती विषयासी ॥४१॥
विषयसुखाचिये आसक्ती । कोणा नाहीं झाली तृप्ती ।
मृगजळाचिये प्राप्ती । केवीं निवती तृषार्त ॥४२॥
यालागीं जाणतेनि मनुष्यें । नरदेहींचेनि आयुष्यें ।
विषयांचेनि सायासें । व्यर्थ कां पिसे कष्टती ॥४३॥
नरदेहाऐसें निधान । अनायासें लाधलें जाण ।
सांडीं सांडीं अभिमान । तेणें समाधान पावसी ॥४४॥
पुढती नरदेहाची प्राप्ती । होईल येथ नाहीं युक्ति ।
यालागीं सांडूनि विषयासक्ती । भावें श्रीपति भजावा ॥४५॥
कलियुगीं सुगम साधन । न लगे योग याग त्याग दान ।
करितां निर्लज्ज हरिकीर्तन । चारी मुक्ति चरण वंदिती ॥४६॥


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  1. Rahul says:

    Dear Shekhar,

    Very nice article. Feels good after reading the same… Thanks for such nice Marathi lines by H.H. Shree Eknath Maharaj 🙂

    1. shekharonline says:


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