while was away – last week

the exams are finally over. being a fresher is a damn sick feeling, even though the degree was part time and have a job. saw the trailer of Larry Crowne and a friend experienced the same in Denmark – while he was sent there for training. the trainer had a meat shop which was suddenly closed while he was 37+ yrs of age, due to some governement’s new policies, so he had to close the shop. being in depression doesn’t help for long, so he (that trainer) started learning at the age of 38 and completed a degree in engineering and after 12 yrs of xp, my frd met him there.

thats how life is. thats how larry crowne must be. tom hanks, like always looks awesome. i am hooked to the song which comes in the trailer’s background (hey hey hey by michael franti!)

no good releases now, so no trip to theaters last week. while we enjoyed tanu weds manu @ home. good stuff. the other thing was glued to – the big bang theory series – season 3. sheldon and penny are the characters i liked. raj kootherapalli (arun nayyar – guess) seems to be doing the stuff indi guys must be doing there – live freely 🙂

india having already won the world cup, ipl ratings have a taken a dip and the economics must have suffered a blow.


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