Fast and Furious – Five (Fast Five)


man, what a film this is…

full of stunts from start to end, with a lot of bloodshed. guys going for the usual racing stuff will miss that one vs. another scenario, but then this is a heist movie, different than the usual fast and furious scenes but the speeding cars are still there.

diesel and walker team up for a last chance to get into good life mould and face dwayne johnson against  a failed crime, after some of the agents are shot. and like the ocean’s series, here we have an ensemble cast.

there is nothing itself in the plot but the action sequences are fun to watch on the full screen.

this movie had a housefull board, that too on a saturday night late show (11pm!) and having IPL going on around. thats what can be called closer to impossible!

the crowd was so loving the fight between the two body builders – diesel and johnson!

the movie has after effects too, just watch the sppedometer while going back to your place and yes, you will recognize the increase in speed..

a nice watch!

image from wikipedia


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