Tron : Legacy

i havent seen the original tron movie but this one was quite amazing, much more ahead of technology than the older version might have been.

Tron Legacy poster
Tron Legacy poster

kevin flynn, the main lead of the first part and the leader of encom corporation suddenly disappears one day.  the annual events show him dreaming for an alternate world, where he says the future of mankind resides (in there is our future, in there is our destiny!) .

sam – his son, decides to keep his father’s ideals  alive by hacking into the company’s servers and tarnishing the image at annual os release function as kevin flynn had decided it to be distributed for free (was it linus torvalds’ linux, guys?) ! kevin’s friend – alan bradley – is on the board of directors and sam’s the biggest share holder, still he has to hack the systems, to keep them free.

in a sudden moment, after the annual os release function, alan comes to sam, says that he received a page from kevin’s office, the gaming arcade. now he asks sam to go there and check out the systems. sam isnt ready, as he belives his dad either ran away to costa rica (chilling there) or is dead.  he asks alan to move forward in time, however goes there to check out to prove himself wrong.

a command prompt and few commands (our famous linux command : history) land him in the grid.

the other story is about how he battles clu (kevin’s duplicate image – for developing a perfect system while he’s out) and gets help from quorra!

clu has also prepared an army to get out of the system and get into the real world, where he repeats in there is our future, in there is our destiny!

the story is amazing, the visuals brilliant. the lead pair is great, and jeff bridges – awesome. in reality, this seems impossible but the film brilliantly takes us into unknown zone easily. a visual delight.

the movie also highlights on the father son relationship as did the green hornet.

image from wikipedia


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