this is the keyword which i use so less. even my astrologer predicted it.

i remember when i took a #postaday2011 challenge from wordpress. however, regularity in posting never followed. 😦 . i follow up badly when asked to but that i apply it to others and not self. hehehe.

this challenge is different in a way, as if it asks users to go through different experiences daily and then blog about it, thats what i think :).  you get to know the unknown facets of your self, what you are good and bad at, when you face unknown challenges. this is what post a day i think.

it took me about half an year to realise this and a life term to realise that apologizing is never bad.

to err is human, to forgive …. – divine!

being in a same lifestyle, same circumstances daily can be so boring, so this challenge, gives you an opportunity to steal the time from you own life and take it towards unknown frontiers.

enjoy blogging.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. enidhi says:

    llife goes on…

    1. shekharonline says:

      hehe, that remains true. always and all time 😉 !

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