from start to the end, hereafter is a gripping tale.

Hereafter poster


the narrative starts with the previous tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and two lovers at the beach for fun. the waves comes up when the heroine is doing some shopping, the waves taking her with them. (cecile d’ france, the beautiful actress)

a psychic, played by Matt Damon, is able to connect with the ones passed away. unable to bear with the stress of coping with others past lives, he decides to give it up away, even if he is successful in earning a lot of money with that power. worst part of it, is that he thinks of it as a curse. joins a factory to get his mind off, a cooking class. but his powers never leave him!

a pair of twins – in the UK, are living with their mother, who is a drug addict. to save her from being taken for removal of drug addiction, they try to get her medicines, which would help her to move away from the habit. in an accident one of the twins, Jason, dies in an accident. Markus,  survives to witness the tube rail incident in UK.

the rest of the story is how they connect with each other.

 the story is gripping, however, looses pace in between.

about a third of the movie is in french.

directed by clint eastwood and produced by steven spielberg, this is a good watch

the fate of the movie was strange. when it was being released in japan, the nation was struck by tsunami.


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